Educating children is a huge responsibility not only for parents but also for any person who can contribute to their development. Unfortunately, despite all the theories and training programs to improve the child’s development, there are still some gaps noticed by the rise of new kinds of delinquencies, early pregnancies, and youth’s suicides…

After watching a movie entitled “The Ultimate Gift” produced by Michael O. Sajbel, I had the idea of framing a process for children’s development based on the lessons driven from the movie. The following principles are the application of those lessons to the child’s development.


Work can seem boring for children in our days. However, if in early childhood, a child can take part in house activities as soon as he/she is able to perform any duty, for instance, helping to clean the dishes or cleaning the floor, the child understands by doing so that life is about working, even if it seems meaningless at times.


Many grow with the idea that with money everything is possible. It could be very important to teach children the value of money. What is it made for? How is it used and mostly how to gain it?


“Tell me your friends and I will tell you who you are” is a famous saying that illustrates how friendship plays a key role in our lives. Teaching the values of true friendship like mutual respect and confidentiality could help them avoid wrong companies.


Does the child learn only when he/she is at school? Parents and caregivers can make sure that children learn for the certificate or good scores and also do so for personal development. Therefore learning equips them to solve problems outside their classes and training curriculum.


When some take problems as challenges, some overlook them as a fatality. If the child is educated to see a problem as an opportunity to look for solutions, then, we are sure to have the next generation full of creative and problem-solving people.


The Family is becoming more and more a matter of concept but not the basic foundation of the society. As parts of families, children need to understand their role for them and the society. More than being mere subjects, they can be trained to become actors in decision making and bringing new ideas to their families.


Psychologists have demonstrated that someone who laughs regularly increases his/her chances to be in good health than the one who his constantly sad. There are so many reasons to enjoy life with children; So many situations of rejoicing even during hard times. A smiling child gives hope and happiness.


Realistic dreams rather than utopias are driving forces for great achievements. Children need to learn how to dream and how to fulfill those dreams. It can be a career ambition, a personal development target or an excellent social welfare.


Many of us have experienced children’s development stage where they claim everything belong to them and that asking is easier than giving. That is the right time to teach the child that he can give his time, his money, his energy, and above all himself by being always available where needed.


Saying Thank you from the heart and not just with lips is very crucial. Those two words demonstrate the importance of others in the child’s life and can open doors for more opportunity for receiving.

24 hours

It’s amazing what a day can offer in terms of new ideas, relationships, and surprises. Yet all of us may not make good use of a day. Preparing a child to master the use of one day will equip him to master a week, a month, a year and his whole life.


Depending on cultures, love can be expressed in various ways. Gary Chapman discovered universal manifestations of love such as Gifts, Words of appreciation, Quality dialogue, Physical contacts, and services rendered. Every child has his languages of love and we are responsible helping them discover and develop them.

If you are in the position of influencing children’s life, these principles can help you in your personal development first and contribute to what you are already doing in child support. Try them and you will not be disappointed. Adding your own inputs or taking in consideration your context can be very creative and innovative.

By NGATE Hervé-Boris,M.A.

You can download the movie “The Ultimate Gift” on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYTviP_VieQ

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