My journey as a BLOGGER started 10 months ago from an unexpected situation. So, must I learned was through  an experiential learning cycle process. I would like to share with you the major steps I took when starting my journey as a Blog author and writer.

The Art of Writing Rider Egao

I have always had the passion and the desire to write; Before I started blogging,I had 15 years of writing various contents like a thesis, reports, articles, and proposals.I also have the habit of writing notes when I meditate the Bible.

My first article was supposed to be published on the Blog of an organization who hired me. Unfortunately, we could not go further because of some misunderstanding and …I decided to start my own Blog. A quick turn to wordpres.com and my first article was posted on my Blog (https://seed4future.wordpress.com/)! What a joy when I saw that the article was viewed (2 views).

With great excitement, I published another article until that month I had 24 views and 8 visitors for 4 articles published. I felt an overwhelming joy when I noticed in February that my Blog posts were viewed in 4 countries and one International Organization. That month I had 83 views and 53 visitors.

Reflections to more impactAurora AUDI

In the month of March, I decided  to evaluate the impact of my posts and do some research on how to write better posts. I discovered some tips on how to increase and diversify my audience. I also learned how to make good use of social networks like Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Seed4future/), Twitter (Bngate@twitter2016) and LinkedIn (https://ug.linkedin.com/in/herveborisngate).


So I decided to act on what I learned, and the only article I wrote on April (https://seed4future.wordpress.com/2016/04/19/la-classe-therapeutique/) increased the visibility of the Blog in an amazing way! I had 142 views and 102 visitors from 12 countries in 3 continents. The following months, I wrote other articles on language (where my major audience is) and reached 163 people with 124 visitors from 22 countries.

Currently, my Blog has about 24oo views, an average of 1800 visitors and more than 30 000 people reached in 91 countries in 5 continents. My greatest joy was when my articles were read for the first time in China and Russia last month.

Open doors mini-mal-me

In the month of June, I used my Blogger competencies to apply for a UN Online Volunteer work and was recruited. This was an amazing month of information and communication job rewarded by a second recruitment in the month of July for the same purpose. Currently, I am volunteering for the UNDP as  a Representative Summaries of Publications and Articles Writer because of the quality of the articles I write on the Blog.

The greatness of a team #DrJessicaEmery #DentalSoirée

As I was moving on, I felt the growing need of community managers to share my posts while I will invest more time in writing and authoring. Currently, I manage a team of 1 community manager and one proofreader of my posts. This is considerably increasing the number of people reached by my Blog posts and, the rewarding part for the team members is the experience they gain in their engagement.

I wrote this with great excitement and I would like to support   you to kick start your own journey as a BLOGGER. If you are interested, send me an email at  seed.42f@gmail.com

 If you have always had the passion for writing and never knew where to start, I encourage you to participate to 4 hours of Master’s Art of BLOGGING training session on the topic “4 SECRETS TO START A SUCCESSFUL JOURNEY AS A BLOGGER”. At the end of this session, you will be able to:


You will have a free access to 4G internet to link the theory with the practice. Therefore, you need to have a personal Laptop, a Tablet or a Smartphone. The day (s) of the training depend on the group interested (maximum 5 persons per group per training session because of the limited capacity of the Modem) and the venue shall be communicated to interested people.For individual training, a specific arrangement can be done on request.

There is also an opportunity for online training through Skype and Whatsapp with supporting documents.

For more details, send me an email to seed.42f@gmail.com

Visit my Blog website https://seed4future.wordpress.com/ and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Seed4future/

Hervé-Boris NGATE,Cross-Cultural Communication Trainer/Blogger

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