If you are working in any professional area, you will acknowledge that you would like to know how well you are performing. Feedbacks are one of the best tools to evaluate your professional outcomes, see your strengths and weaknesses, and look for ways to improve yourself.

Whether positive or negative, feedbacks are there to tell you: “Hey guy! Watch over the quality of your investment. Make sure you are not going away of your goals! Be encouraged for a good job done, but there is still work to do!”

I received eight feedbacks that were very encouraging and were like powerful fuel to push me to write more in areas I excel in.

1. “Your articles are very educative. Young bloggers of today complain a lot in their writings.”
2. “Such amounts of information in few words! It’s amazing. I see in your writings a desire to propose solutions not to complain.”
3. “What is good is that you propose solutions.”
4. “Thanks for writings that show you understand what we are going through.”
5. “You have made a lot of progress.”
6. “Leaners speaks in your article.”
7. “Your article is too academic.”
8. “You should turn your audience into customers.”

How will you feel if every week, you receive such feedbacks on your performances? For me, I was flying, and today I am flying higher.

For the last two feedbacks which were negative, I worked on writing more real life stories and adapt my post to the right audience; Academic articles should be read by scholars not lay people.

I took social marketing training and read a lot of articles on how to turn an audience into customers. I am working now on growing an audience that will become the future buyers of my books.

I encourage you to ask for feedbacks from your relatives, colleague, and neighbors and also, give feedbacks to help others improve their lives and careers.

Hervé Boris NGATE, Cross-Cultural Psychologist/Communications/Blogger

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