One of the most controversial but fascinating election of the American history! Donald Trump is now the 45th US president after a campaign, qualified by some as the funniest and full of verbal injuries. Though I am not interested in politics, I decide to write about a few reactions gathered on Social Medias. I just want us to ask ourselves two questions: Why and How.
I woke up at 3am on November 9th, and went directly to Facebook to check the result and ….what? Donald Trump won the elections? I woke up my wife and told her and she was voiceless…Straight to CNN for update news and we could not sleep till the morning.
On the Internet, we could read different views on Trump’ election and I could summarize them the following (I added the “why” and “how” questions on red):

1. “When a businessman become a president! You don’t always need experience to be appointed”.

Why a business man does become a president and how did he do to convince people to vote him with no political background?

2. “I need a master degree and five years of professional experience to be considered for an entry level position and a man with no political experience can become the president of the US”.

Why do people have different professional experiences and how is that possible?

3. “Very soon it will be the end of the world”.

Why President Trump’s election is announcing the end of the world and how would that happen?

4. “Many prophecies announced Trump’s victories but there were also prophecies in favor of Hilary’s victory”.

Why did they prophesy on the next American president victory and not on the Syrian crises/ Boko haram / immigration confusion? How do we know what God says about the current world events?

5. “His first speech is very different from the campaign ones. Surely Trump will review some of his declarations concerning the wall, the illegal migrants, the Muslims and the US trade policies.”

Why has Trump’s speech changed and why are we sure he will change his position? How will he proceed to change people’s negative view of him?

6. “No matter who is the president of the US God is in Control”. Knowing that God had always appointed a leader for a reason,

why did God could have chosen Donald Trump as the US president and how is God going to use him to fulfill His glory?

7. “People are out in the streets to protest against Trump’s election. If so many people are angry of his election then who voted him?”

Why are they protesting the voice of democracy and how do the protesters expect their protest to influence the results of the election?

8. “We are waiting for Trump to fulfill his promise to remove the entire everlasting African presidents.”

Why would Trump want to remove those African leaders and how could he do it knowing that he removed his predecessor through the voice of the American voters?

I feel like stopping here! I would like us to reflect on what is happening in America with all our senses and not  just emotional excitement.

If you have answers or one answer to any of these questions ,please share with us so we can learn and move forward to prosper in our business during this season.

Hervé Boris NGATE ,Cross-Cultural Psychologist/Communicator/Blogger

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