5 Things To Write A Successful Blog Post To Grow Your Business

5 Things To Write A Successful Blog Post To Grow Your Business

I am very happy that I started writing blog posts driven by my passion for writing and, I grew in experience with time and the help of some mentors . In the month of September this year, I asked myself what makes me write so regularly and what makes my audience grow so rapidly. If in 9 months you are viewed and visited in 59 countries in the 5 continents, I think you would like to understand why such a success happens and how to sustain it.

Here I am sharing with you 5 things I noticed that worked for me in order to write a successful blog post for my French learners/trainers/institutions audience.

1. Listening. I noticed that when I started writing for an audience, all my posts were based on storytelling. My primary audience being French Learners, my contact with them in class constitutes my first source of information. Even for topics that were not related to French , I would use break time to ask the learner’s view on them.

You can imagine the amount of information gathered per day per week classes. After each class, I wrote down (in my notebook on my phone or notepad) the key points of this information and several blog post titles would flow in my head.
That is where the true writer’s riches are: on storytelling.

2. Identifying their needs from their view. While listening to the learners, my main purpose was to know what their needs are from their own view. It was shocking to realize that what they valued were not too much grammar as I thought. In many cases, I noticed that learners wanted to know “WHY” they study some topic and “HOW” to master the 4 language competencies (Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing).

For example, I identified that learners were more interested in speaking than writing  and many of my articles focused on how to be more effective in oral communication.

3. Organizing information to provide solutions the way they want. With such amount of information, I had to think on how to package personalized solutions to address the learners’ needs. Then I did researches related to the information collected and created social media groups for each class that was perfect for them. I also had to select the trendiest topic that will draw their attention and make them better learners.

Additional strategies consisted of writing short articles based on true stories with a call for actions and request for reader’s view. I had to choose the language that fit my communications and realized that writing in English attracted more readers than French. With that, I needed a proofreader of each article in English and pictures at the front and inside the texts to illustrate my arguments.

4. Giving information to the audience. Now comes the time to inform the readers. Not only do learners constitute my audience but also other trainers and language institutions. I made sure I shared my article on social media generally between Tuesday and Thursday. The results were increasingly satisfying until I knew how to “hit” the readers right where their needs are.

5. Asking for feedback. I consider this last part an essential part of my writing management. Either the number of views, like thanks, comments or direct request of feedbacks from readers, I would use every means to know the impact of my article to see my strengths and weaknesses and how to improve my writing style.

I remember a reader who said in the article “5 THINGS SUCCESSFUL LANGUAGE LEARNERS DO ” that it was too academic. I seized that opportunity to understand that readers enjoy more storytelling and I decided to focus on that writing style.

I am applying these writing management styles right now in content marketing and communications, and I am happy for the visible outcomes.Currently, I am viewed in 96 countries across the 5 continents. I could write on any topic in any area provided I listened enough to identify the customer needs and provide the most updated information through the best channel possible.

If you are a blogger or a content marketer, please let me know what writing management style works for you. If you are interested in writing, you can start by applying these principles and then discover what makes you unique as a writer.

Keywords: Feedback; Information; Listening; Needs; Solutions.

Hervé Boris NGATE, Psychologist/Content Marketing Manager/Blogger
Contact: seed.42f@gmail.com
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