5 Things I Do When I Don’t Feel Like Writing

5 Things I Do When I Don’t Feel Like Writing

I wanted to write my weekly blog post last week however I felt no words were flowing! It is a very frustrating to be on your computer, well prepared to write something and, words just don’t come! As I was stuck in front of my computer wordless, some questions came into my mind and the answers to them helped me to write.

There are many experiences on this topic but I would like to share with you five things I usually do when I don’t feel like writing.

1. What is my audience? This is the first question I keep asking myself. Who do you want to speak to with your blog post/article? If I had planned to write on language, I just focused on language learners and trainers.

2. What do I want my readers to master at the end of their reading? After being clear on my audience. I want to know the one thing my readers will retain after reading my article.

3. How can I start? The first words are very important in writing because they give the start of the idea developed and will determine if the reader will continue reading your article. I am a storyteller so I make sure to start with a story that illustrates as closely as possible my thoughts. When I get it, words start flowing by themselves.

4. Editing my writings as ideas flows. As I grow in experience and with the help of some mentors, I discover that one of the great secrets for excellent writing is editing. It’s amazing the number of readjustment done when I read the final blog post.

5. Proofreading and feedback. Though I use a good proofreading tool like Grammarly, I always send the article for proofreading to someone else. It’s the opportunity to receive my first feedback for the piece I just wrote. I can then make some final adjustment before publishing.

The real joy is to realize that from the blank page with no words, a blog post was written and has been read by hundreds across the world.I would like to know how you write when you don’t feel like writing.

Keywords: Audience, Objectives, Storytelling, Editing, Proofreading.

Contact: seed.42f@gmail.com
Hervé Boris NGATE, Psychologist/Content Marketing Manager/Blogger

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