How Drucker’s Managing Oneself Guarantee Your Success in 2017

How Drucker’s Managing Oneself Guarantee Your Success in 2017

I discovered Peter F. Drucker during my Master’s program in Intercultural studies. A routine of summarizing two of his books: “Managing the Nonprofit Organization. Principles and Practices” And “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” was a great contact with professional management and entrepreneurship.

Honestly, I was more preoccupied with having a good score on the subject than being a management expert. It’s later on when I moved to Kampala, and started writing for a Nonforprofit that I remembered Drucker’s books.

I discovered the riches of Drucker’s writings on management. I literally reread the above books and I bought a third book entitled: “Management Challenges For the 21st Century”.
It’s amazing how predictable he was about management in this century.The most powerfull lesson I learned from the last book is managing Oneself.

Here is the summary of what I learned and that will boost your success in 2017 and the rest of your life.I added some reflection questions to help you develop concrete actions to manage yourself the better way.

Know your Strengths   strenghts

Do you remember key decisions you made last year and the actions taken to realize them?Write down the expected results and the real one.Where your expectations and your results match at 90-100% are your strenghts.Focus on them this year and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll achieve.

Know how you performPerformance.jpg

Do you learn easily by reading or by listening?Do you know how you work?What are your values?

Mastering how you perform will make you gain time during this year and avoid a lot of damaging commitments.

Know where you belongbelong

Are you a leader or a follower?Do you enjoy working alone or in group?How do you feel when you work with small groups or large groups?

Knowing where you belong is the key element to make you an extraordinary person this year.
Know what is your contributionContribution.jpg

Write down 2-4 situations you know you will face this year.It can be : finding a new job,having a career promotion or change,getting married,live abroad for 6 months to develop new skills.

For each one of them,you will have to invest your best.So will be your contribution for a successfull year and a great life!
Understand relationship Responsibilityrelationship

The Relationships we build are based on trust, not power.What are you going to do to understand people around you? This means you need to perceive life the way they do and not the way you assume they do.

This also means you’ll  choose not to try to control people’s life around you but,by understanding them,you will do everything to make them become the best person they could be.
The challenge of the The Second Half of Your Lifethe-other-career

Do you volunteer for an NGO in your community?Can you pick another job,weekend or part-time?Do something else that will enable you to develop a sense of fulfilment.

You will build the best pathway for an enjoyable life!
To conclude Druker’s saying on Managing Oneselfconclusion

My life has been totally revolutionized by these Managing principles.I am really the Chief Executive Officer of my life,my Blog, and my Family.

Maybe you have other self-management approaches that made you succeed these last years.Or, you master an updated approach on Managing Oneself. Please share it to help the community  readers reach their goals this year.

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Herve Boris NGATE

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