Ten Countries Where You Will be Read in 2017 through Seed4future.com!

Ten Countries Where You Will be Read in 2017 through Seed4future.com!

“If I write, who will read me? How can I help people with my experience and knowledge?”

I asked myself these questions when I started writing blog posts one year ago. Without a mentor and experience, I spent nights and days, reading, searching ways to write better and help through writing. I was always happy to find accurate information and notice that I had a growing audience.

I thought of many potential writers who have no idea on where to start their writing journey or, those who write and have no idea on how to be published. I decided to mentor them by making my blog a platform to trigger their writing skills.

If you want your voice to be heard across the globe, send us your articles on a frequency that fits you and we’ll publish you FOR FREE.

You can rely on this platform to kick start your career as a new writer. I would be glad to provide you any kind of help and support.

You will find in the table below ten countries where your articles will be read if seed4future.com publishes your articles. These ten countries are part of the 106 countries in 5 continents where our articles were read in just one year.

When I moved to Google Add word Express to advertise about seed4future.com, my target of 1 660 000 people were within these ten countries. I had about 41000 views and 642 clicks in a month with BUSINESS SOLUTIONS as the highest most search words.

Countries Number of views
Uganda 1084
USA 852
India 758
UK 151
France 137
Cameroon 96
Canada 87
Netherlands 61
Norway 50
Australia 42


People across the globe are craving for solutions…get out of the mass and start writing to provide answers to people’s questions to grow their lifes and business. Even BUSINESS WRITERS need to read continuously to improve their skills.

Send your articles at Seed.42f@gmail.com and we’ll publish you FOR FREE.We’ll also train you and empower your writings skills during the process of editing your contents.

The next article to hit 1000 readers  on seed4future.com could be yours…

Herve-Boris NGATE

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