5 Tips Your bilingualism/Multilinguism Skills Can help You Get Promoted

5 Tips Your bilingualism/Multilinguism Skills Can help You Get Promoted

In a growing multicultural world, companies are employing more staff from various cultures. This means dealing with multilingual issues as a result of the diversification of professionals who speak different languages.

Effective communication is necessary in any organization but more so when people don’t speak or understand English (or French, Russian, Mandarin or Spanish.) However, accent and pronunciation can be hindrances to effective communication among workers.

If you are bilingual, these challenges could become opportunities for you to step out of the crowd and get your next promotion. With these simple steps you can secure your next job in a multilingual company:

  1. Communicate Professionally with Different Multilingual Groups. Make sure your conversations help people have a deeper understanding of the company.Also ask questions that will help you to have a better understanding of how people from other linguistic groups perceive the company and their positions.
  2. Make Good use of Break Rooms. Break rooms are a powerful place for socialization. Naturally, though, you’ll converge to the group that speaks the same language with you. Since you are bilingual, you can socialize with both.
  3. Give/Ask for a Ride. In our modern society, individualism can make people miss a lot of language learning opportunities. Giving or asking for a ride to a colleague who does not speak your language is an excellent way to learn a new language and network at the same time. Don’t let your car become a moving coffin with wheels in the name of “personal space” .                                                                                               Don’t complain of not being helped because you can’t communicate in other languages;It can be an opportunity  to overcome new challenges and get a better job.
  4. Introduce yourself. In every conversation with any supervisor, make sure they discover other skills you have. Don’t just do it by saying but by solving problems which require communicating effectively with workers of different linguistic groups .For example reading a document in both languages or providing some translation.
  1. Check Coming Vacant Positions in your Company. If there is an open position, you would probably be among the first to be considered. Why? You will help grow the business with your language skills.Don’t make the mistake of looking for coming position on the company website. Observe the company needs, people’s movement…and conversations…you’ll have the real information before it’s advertised and you can propose yourself for the position.

Maybe these tips looks too simply to take advantage of your multilinguistic skills…I challenge you to practice them and you will enjoy your next promotion.

If you have been promoted to a job because you communicate easily in more than one language, let us know. we will be glad to learn from you.

Contact: seed.42f@gmail.com

Hervé-Boris NGATE,Psychologist/Blogger


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