6 Secrets Millennial Girls/Women Should Learn from Gen X Women: The Next Gender Breakthrough!

6 Secrets Millennial Girls/Women Should Learn from Gen X Women: The Next Gender Breakthrough!

I remember when I started working in that company, I noticed this woman (>45 years old) looking at me from distance every day. After few days of work, she called me and gave me some advice on how the company works: keep always busy, Cameras are watching you, Clean before leaving, be aware of managers.

On the other hand, I also came across younger girls (<30) and from some conversations, they started complaining about certain problems in the company. It was not difficult to take note of the difference in conversation: One advising and the second one complaining. Ever since I am applying the advice of the Gen X lady while making sure that my relationship with the other is superficial as much as possible.

These two women are part of 2 different generations: the first one is Generation X and the second one is a Millennial. According to a YAHOO’s research in 2015, Generation X are people born between mid-60’s and early 80’s whereas and Millennials are under 35. As I relate this story to organization development and growth, I found that many successful leaders received their advice from mentors who were WOMEN.

It could be their mothers like Doctor Ben Carson, Bill gate or their wives like Malcolm X, J.W. Bush, Barack Obama or Nelson Mandela. Whoever they were, these women were the key to the success of these leaders.

Is it why we should rethink the concept of leadership for the millennial generation? Why  such a gap between Gen X and  millennial women? How can millennials learn from Gen X women to produce a stronger leadership among women and men?

In this article,I  am writing some key points to share with you answers to the last question only:

  1. Gen X women were at the bottom of development 16 years after the Second World War. Since there were so much lost during the war, women had to work harder to contribute to development. 16 years after the Second World War, Gen X was born in a period of transition and renovation. They were at the core start of the technological advancement we see today.
  2. Gen X women are proud of their men. They know that if he is well-taken care at home, he will be the best outside. Maybe that’s why the lowest rate of divorce asked by women is among Gen X women.
  3. Gen X women value family standards. Transmitting education and financial discipline is part of their concern for their kids. If a Gen X woman is 54 years old and her child is 35, it means she delivered when she was 19 years old.She had to develop a high sense of responsibility to care for  a family at that time.
  4. Gen X women are more entrepreneurial and work harder than millennial one. Can we name the most successful business women our century? How old are they? The ability Gen X women have to generate sustainable incomes is amazing, since they are part of 29% of net worth dollars and 31% of total income dollars in America!
  5. Gen X Women know how to balance careers and kids. After delivery, Gen X women are less likely to increase their amount of work. It’s the opposite for millennial who increase their amount of work and spend less time with their kids (for those who decides to have).Some perceive having children as an hindrance to their professional goals.
  6. The danger of the digital generation. Imagine a picture showing a couple lying on their bed, each person with his cell phone chatting on social media. Which generation do you think it is? Most likely, Millennial I guess. For Gen X, the timeframe between 7 pm and 10 pm is the best moment to share about how the day was and the different challenges, to pray or plan the next family project.

If you are between 32-35 and 54 years old or, you were born after 1985, I would like you to write a paragraph writing  on the comment section of this blog on the gap between Millennials and Gen X Women.

You can also send me an email to seed.42@gmail.com or call me :+1 (240) 6317919

Hervé-Boris NGATE

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