The 30 Minute Blogger: Hacks To Writing Blog Posts That Engage And Convert

The 30 Minute Blogger: Hacks To Writing Blog Posts That Engage And Convert

A few years ago blogging was completely unheard of.It wasn’t even in the dictionary. Fast forward to today and blogging has become a culture as rooted as brushing your teeth. Even though everyone (at least that’s what I think) is blogging, not everyone is doing it effectively and efficiently.

Identify Your Motive
Understandably, everyone has different motives for blogging. For some it’s a way to meet new people while for others it’s a means to building or strengthening a business. Some even use it therapeutically too, and it works! Before you start your soon to be viral blog, define your motive. Why are you blogging? What do you hope to achieve?

Develop an Efficient System
Whatever your aim for blogging, you have to build a system that is efficient. This means your system should give you desired results with minimum effort or cost.

Time is a commodity that everyone is running short of. We all have a myriad of other commitments that have to be included in our limited budget of time. This is why you need an efficient system for your blogging endeavour. Every second counts.

Develop an Effective System
Your system should also be effective. An effective blog is one that produces the desired results. It is a blog that engages your readers’ attention and emotions. The results? More followers. More people to affirm you and, for those in it for the money, more conversions.

Did I mention that efficiency and effectiveness can be achieved in 30 minutes? I didn’t? Well then read on.

Like I said earlier, the key is to create a system that will help you achieve your blogging goals. To do that, ask yourself a few key questions I’ve outlined below. Your answers to these questions are a complete blog post that will hopefully go viral.

Blog Post Checklist

1. What’s in it for my readers?
2. What’s the catchy and memorable headline?
3. Who are my target audience?
4. What are their values and goals?
5. What is stopping them from reaching their goals?
6. What solution can I offer?
7. What action steps should they take to achieve their goals?

As you can well see, a blog that engages and converts is not about you but it’s all about the reader. Too many times we put the proverbial cart before the horse. We make the blog about the product or company.

2 Keys to Engaging Your Audience
People are naturally self centred creatures that are driven by two major factors; pleasure and pain. Understanding these two stimuli will give you the power to persuade your audience.

#1: Relieve Their Pains
Pain is one of the greatest drivers in life. It pushes us out of our comfort zone. It is the pain of hunger that has driven many an entrepreneur to success.

The sixth question above is a pain question. Answer it well and you will grow yourself a tribe of followers. Why? People will do anything to avoid or escape pain.

Tip: People are always looking for solutions to life’s problems. Be the solution provider.

#2. Tickle Their Pleasures
Pain drives or pushes us in a certain direction but pleasure pulls or motivates us. Two opposite ends of the spectrum that ultimately achieve the same results.

Questions one and seven are pleasure questions. Answer them well and your readers will dance to your tune.

Tip: Like the children of Israel in the Bible, everyone is looking for a Moses to take them to a better life. Be that person. Be the leader people can follow to paradise.

Hook Them from the Word Go
When you have answered the question of what the reader will benefit from your blog, hook them with a catchy headline. For help on coming up with magnetic headlines read and sign up for their headline hacks eBook. It’s absolutely free!

Give Them a Little Nudge
You are doing great so far. At this stage your blog post is about to go viral. But before you push the publish button, don’t forget the call to action.

One thing to realise with a call to action is that people hate being pushed into something. A call to action is a small nudge to get your reader to take the big step you want them to take.

A call to action is the answer to the question: “What action steps should they take to achieve their goals?” This is where you marry the solution to your problem to your product, company, newsletter or whatever you are offering.

This is the magic wand that will get your readers onto your mailing list and ultimately, convert them into regular readers and, better still, customers.

How much time are we left with? A minute? Great. That’s enough time for my last tip.

Bonus tip: Build a solid friendship with Google, it is a well of knowledge. *Wink*.In other words, research your subject well before you publish.

There you have it! Go ahead and start now, the world is waiting for that blog your are about to write. If you are not yet following this blog (, make sure you sign up for it today and position yourself for success.

Happy blogging!

 Writen by Kato Nkhoma:  Kato pictures

Kato Nkhoma is a seasoned teacher of the word with exceptional biblical insight. He has been pastoring full-time for over a decade and is a husband to one wife, Alakanani, and father to two wonderful children, Amal and Koen Watipashe.
Kato is currently serving as a missionary in the northern part of Botswana. He has authored 2 books on Amazon and also dabbles in freelance writing.

4 thoughts on “The 30 Minute Blogger: Hacks To Writing Blog Posts That Engage And Convert

  1. “As you can well see, a blog that engages and converts is not about you but it’s all about the reader. Too many times we put the proverbial cart before the horse. We make the blog about the product or company.”

    This sums it all for me. A blog that converts is about 3 people: reader, reader, reader!

    Thanks for the timely reminder Kato.


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