9 Tips to Write a Blog Post Every Week

9 Tips to Write a Blog Post Every Week

Last year when I started blogging, I could write an article every week for 2 months. I had to take a monthly break to evaluate the impact of my writings and set new writing objectives.This means choosing the topics, broaden my audience and develop new social media approaches.
This year, I decided to write an article every week without breaks.I established it as a personal challenge to grow in creative writing and, I am glad I could make it for the last three and a half months.
One advice I received from experienced bloggers is to write an article every week. And for a Novice writer, it’s seemed almost impossible because I questioned where to find weekly topics continuously and how to set up the appropriate  writing discipline. Here is what I found:

1. Let your audience inspire you. For who I am writing? This question definitely guides my weekly writing.The answers made me organize my audience into four groups: Language and Communications, Organizational and Personal Development, Writers and Cross-Culture.It becomes easy for me to write an article for each group every month based on their needs.
2. Write from real life experience. As a storyteller, I am very concerned about everything that happens around me.My experience and people’s experiences are the core sources of my writing inspiration. Family members, friends, colleagues, neighbors are all rich sources of creative writing.
3. Read other writers.I developed a personal routine to read other writers during the week.First, it helps me keep learning and secondly, I discover a lot of knowledge that I can convert or adapt to my audience.For example, Itook the inspiration for the article “Generation X Women and Millenials” after reading an article on LinkedIn.
4. Stay connected to events.Events can make some of your weekly writing easier.You would likely have more views of articles writen during events because the topic is on the table. I did the same for the above article on March 8.
5. Be aware of feedback.Whether positive or negative, feedback can make you write your next two or three articles.Your readers could ask you more details on your topics or criticize an aspect that helps you make more researches for your next blog post.
6. Plan and organize your writings. I am grateful for this advice I read when I started blogging. Having a writing plan helps me write down every topic ideas and their key points that cross my mind.I then organize them per categories to make sure all my audiences will be covered.Doing this can make you write more than one article per week and you can plan a month ahead what to write.
7. Follow the flow. For me, the flow are words that comes spontaneaously when I sit down and start writing.This is the first draft of your blog post without editing! Just putting words on your feelings, views and perceptions.You keep writing until nothing comes out of your mind as if you emptied a cup of tea.
8. Don’t focus on numbers.One of the traps in blog posting is to evaluate one’s success on the numbers of comments and likes on the blog page or on social media.I felt very frustrated as a novice blogger when I focused on numbers.But after redirecting my writing objectives, I noticed that numbers depend on many factors and very few of these factors relates to my writing skills.
9. Sit down and just write. Once you have a topic inspired by a real life experience and plan your blog post, you must also discipline yourself to write every day for 30-60 minutes.For me, the best time to write is when I wake up. Discover what works for you and keep doing it until it’s part of your daily habits.

I would like to know what hinder you from writing a blog post every week. If you  write on a weekly basis , I would be glad to learn from your experience.You can also share this article with any potential blogger or writer you think it can be helpful.

Hervé-Boris NGATE

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