How Serving Others Makes You a Success!!!

“Oh! Uncle, I succeeded at the diplomatic school exam! God is wonderful” shouted Ababa, one of the numerous youths I counseled in Cameroon between 2000 and 2015.  For 15 years I invested time, the little money I had and all I knew as advices to empower   secondary’s and universities students. Looking back now, I realize that many of them became successful people each at his or her level.

In Uganda, I was helping a young entrepreneur to boost his business for free. These are his own words regard our collaboration: “When I came you asked me how many clients I plan to gain per week and day. It was challenging. I decided to add more clients a week. The business grew with more than 52 clients in less than 6 weeks because I said to myself: “I will add a client each day; I have to make things work!” Before we met, I had never thought of investing myself in having clients. I was not under the pressure though I knew I have to do marketing.”
These 2 examples opened my eyes to a new vision of being successful: SERVING OTHERS.

Thera Putty is used to build strength in hands so that tasks such as tying shoes are possible.Image Credit: Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images

Imagine that you serve someone 10 hours every week. And from the 10 hours of service, the person can make an average of $ 200.00 This means that every month, you put $ 800.00 in the person’s pocket.

Imagine now that the service is provided to 10 people every day. It brings us to $ 8000.00 of productivity. After a year, the service provided creates a net value of $ 96000.00. If the 10 people are working on a product that brings $100.00 of benefice per unit and 500 units are produced from a couple of service hours, you make the company earn $ 18250 000. 00 a year.

What? With only 2 hours of free services a day? Maybe the money does not enter your pocket but my making others rich, you are the true source of their prosperity.

Do you participate in volunteer activities? Do you associate doing good deeds with, happiness, good health and wellbeing? Learn the benefits of serving others.Image credit:

Another way of seeing this is voluntary services rendered to communities. Every single hour invested in a voluntary service can be estimated financially. But investing in others creates new values for your personal development.
You can start your first step as a United Nations Volunteer to offer your skills at

According to motivational speakers like Brian Tracy, personal development is the first key for success in life. The tip for personal development is serving others. Every time you think about how to help someone, you exercise the skills and the abilities to do so.
It makes you learn new things, meet new people and become so forth more intelligent and creative. The process can take time, but one day, you’ll successfully blow amazingly.

Ford became rich because he was looking for a way to make a car available to every middle class american. Bill Gates dreamed of a society where every home will have a PC unit. Write down a personal dream to see other succeed and start working on it today.

Serving others or thinking of growing others could be very challenging. At times,you might seem stupid for helping oders for free or see yourself meaningless when you invest without appreciations. Depending on where one is serving, mockery and humiliation are part of the process. You see less money in your pocket too; actually, you are even spending your own money, time and energy to empower others.

Empowering others could be done through solutions writing. Starting a blog or get published are very easy now; or are free publishing tools to help develop your solutions providing skills through writing.

If solutions writing passionately motivate you and you don’t have time for publishing, send me your article and I will publish for free. This could be your first step towards your future success.

Enjoy this video on how TEDx empowered Michael Davis, a student leader with Rocky View Schools to share how he helped other succeed.

Hervé-Boris NGATE


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