How The Power of Regular Jogging Could Trigger your Creativity Development Life!

How The Power of Regular Jogging Could Trigger your Creativity Development Life!

That morning as I went out for jogging, I noticed how I have been caught up with activities so much that I did not have time to enjoy the magnificent beauty of the new spring. Everything seems new and fresh around me. The running exercise became more and more enjoyable as I moved on.

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When running I reached a place with trees all along the road. From far I could not discern the origin of the pink colors on the floor. The closer I get to the trees, the more I noticed there were leaves fallen from the trees. I felt very excited to running on those pink leaves. It reminded me that the color of love is PINK.

Life is all about loving others. Not the “eros” kind of love as one lady reply to the question: “what is love?” This type of love celebrate differences and grow others despite their weaknesses.

The more I was jogging, the more I remembered I had some more miles to cover. I could feel the pain in my body while running but it could not stop me from moving each step ahead.

That’s the miracle of a loving life: It keeps you going on despite hurts, frustrations, and challenges. Just keep going on as you focus your mind on the beauty of the pink color.

Where that pink beauty lacks, love is absent and everything becomes boring and flat ; Time seems longer… the activity that brought joy, satisfaction and fulfillment becomes a heavy burden one want to unload quickly.

Very soon Spring will give place to Summer, and I can’t wait to discover it numerous beauties. As I enjoy as much as possible the sensation of this spring, I languish for the unexpected sensations of Summer.

If you are bored with life, work or people, set up a regular running program where you’ll get fresh inspiration and boost your energy to keep moving forward. When I went out for running that day, I had no idea it could be an inspiration for one of the blog post of this month. I noticed it’s the same with walking; Choose what fit you and start practicing now!

Can you share with me how you enjoy every new season and how do you prepare to celebrate life during Summer? Or you may want to let me know what activity stimulate your creativity or boost you to move forward.

Hervé-Boris NGATE

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