The Reality of Life

The Reality of Life


Negativity is needed for life to balance

like noise is needed to become silence,

Life of a human comes to an end

which goes with fire or sand,

We have precise time to think

which is enough to get up or sink,

If you have pearls in you hand

Don’t pound, can get mixed with sand,

Be in the life with positive thoughts

so that your mind would not be caught,

concern with your mind, never,

there were so many truth of my life

which became false in a silly smile,

I advise having interest in life

like the work of a sharp knife,

We all got birth to reform

to present a new life zone,

Life is a mirror

which never gets clear,

In life, we used to be an aspirant

which invites us to pay rent(of life),

We always accent to the significant

which bring us to descend,

We should embrace the life

as we do with our lovely wife……………………….

 Written by Anshu pal.

Anshu is a student of a government school of India. Anshu’s passion is to write poems by feeling the nature and by surrounding. Anshu requested to publish  his poems for a better family condition.


15 thoughts on “The Reality of Life

  1. this poem has touched my heart from deep. It is really great. if this person wants to be a writer and wants to help or improve his family condition then this organisation can help him by publishing his poems and giving him gifts which will appreciate him to write more poems.

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  2. Thanks Ankit for your encouraging and positive comment.
    We are working towards providing the best support needed by the writer to boost his writing gift and make him better. There are enourmous possibilities for the writer of this poem and his family to benefit from such a talent.

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  3. It is the miracle thinking that the writer has. It is really sensational that the writer of this poem has described all the things just in few lines. I feel grateful to read this poem and writing poems is really a great implementation.


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