Write in English Like an Expert and  Keeping Your First Language

Write in English Like an Expert and Keeping Your First Language

Almost one and a half year ago, I started the blog seed4future.com with only one thing in mind: the passion for writing. My primary audience were French learners of different levels from beginners to experts. With the purpose of promoting French Language, I  wanted to write most of the articles in French. But, I noticed that articles with high views were the ones written in English.

The first reason was simply because my audience was made up of English natives who were learning French as a foreign language. The second reason was that I started publishing my articles on social media like twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin, and I was amazed by the limited number of views of articles written in French.

At this point, I chose to write 3 of 4 articles in English. Rapidly, I reached thousands of viewers around the globe; I had to come to the evidence that, since I am a novice writer, I should focus on writing more in English to promote my blog. How to do that? I had basic written knowledge in English and, at that time I knew nobody to proofread my articles if written in English.

A happy discovery. I use to write first in French, then used a translation tool to have the text in English; I then looked for a proofreader for quality content before publishing my articles in English. I read an article written by psychologists demonstrating that those who write in a second language develop more creative skills. They are also more inclined to develop their left brain hemisphere potential which controls perception and other skills. I felt motivated and started writing directly in English.

An unexpected link. One of my students was very interested in the relationship between language therapy and dementia. So I suggested to him that we write an article together: he will focus on the medical aspect and I will focus on the language aspect. Later on, that student sends me an email with the link of Grammarly, one of the best proofreader in English.

Helpful supports. At the same time, I had another student who gently accepted to proofread my writings in English. She did it almost for a year. While she was proofreading, I was learning from her to improve my writing skills in English.

A difficult decision. What if you are writing a document so personal that you don’t have the right person to proofread it. I decided to write and proofread my articles by myself using only Grammarly. I also invested more time in reading articles and listening to podcast in English.

It was frustrating to receive feedback concerning mistakes in my contents but it did not discourage me to keep writing in English. Now, I write in English or French depending on my audience and I am planning to make all my contents available in both languages. I am happy for the experience of being read in 117 countries in 5 continents after investing more in writing in English.

If you were to write in another language, which one would it be?

Hervé-Boris NGATE

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