4 Outrageaously Simple Ways to Identify Vision’s Killers and Turn Them Into Benefits

4 Outrageaously Simple Ways to Identify Vision’s Killers and Turn Them Into Benefits

I can still remember that evening I discussed with the aged man and he told me something that triggered the content of this article. I had in mind to write a piece on things that destroys visions but I felt like I had insufficient inspiration. That evening, I was sharing with the aged person  an important goal of my family; He answered me: ” you have all your time; I repeat, you have all your time.”

I felt offended and challenged, knowing that if I obey to his advice, I and my family are going to miss an important aspect of our life. Suddenly, a flow of bad advice I received in the past came into my mind that I identify as vision’s killers.

Here are some of them:

Yourself. I identify the first vision’s killer as myself. A vision is a mental picture of a whole project to be accomplished; It’s the mental blueprint of what to achieve. For the blueprint to become reality, I have to set goals, establish an action plan and a timeframe. If my vision doesn’t become reality, I am the first one to blame because I took no actions to make it achievable.

Imagine that you see yourself with less than 10 pounds. You have to do something to loose those pounds. It could mean stop eating after 8 pm, set a time for regular physical exercise, avoid fats in your foods, etc.

Identity confusion. I remember the story on how elephant are raised in India. When they are born, the elephant is tied with a rod on a tree. They are fed there while growing; each time they want to move, the rod hinder them from doing so. When the elephant grows adult, the rod is cut off but, the elephant doesn’t move. He was conditioned to accept he could not move. One of the destructive vision’s killer is identity confusion.

Who are you? What are your skills? Where do you excel in helping others? if you accept what circumstances and environment say you are, you’ll never move forward. You need reconditioning of your mind to discover your true potentials and achieve what you meant to be. You must start seeing yourself in your best in the area you master the most.

Following the crowd. A young man ones told me: “You should be like everybody”. I replied: “That’s impossible. I am me!”. Thinking further, you are unique; Nobody has the same DNA codification as you. Even perfect twins are different in some aspect of their character and their personality.

The best way to kill a vision is wanting to become like everybody. The life of the crowd will assuredly lead you to vision suicide. On the other hand, look for people who see like you. Look for models in your area of expertise and develop your own path from what you learn from them.

Procrastination. Coming back to my encounter with the aged man, I noticed that the best time to take action to work on a vision is now. It’s the best time to sit for 30 minutes or an hour to write this article; Now is the best time to listen to that motivational podcast; Now is the best time to have a personal time for meditation; That important issue that needs to be addressed with that person must be done now.

Tomorrow will be the time to take the next step in writing, but today, I have to do something that brings me closer to the manifestation of the blueprint.

I identified these four vision’s killers from my personal experience and I would be glad to hear from your own experience. The following video could also inspire you to avoid vision’s killers.

Hervé-Boris NGATE

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