24  Amazing Authors That Will Inspire your Writings For the Next Five Years

24 Amazing Authors That Will Inspire your Writings For the Next Five Years

This article speaks by itself. Or let me say, this article gives room to 24 authors and writers to share how they found inspiration to write books from their relatives.

Just read it. I found unnecessary to comment on their views to keep it original. I hope this can be a source of creativity for your next content, be it an article or a book. You can learn from these authors and their resourceful comments to craft your next content.

  1. Carrie Aulenbacher. Inspired by my spouse AND my close relative, this was my debut novel: http://amzn.to/2neCIHW
  2. Julie Anderson. I wrote my latest book, entitled ‘Reconquista’ for my nephew when he was twelve. That was ten years ago, he’s an accountant now. Check it out on my web-site at http://www.thestorybazaar.com/the-al-andalus-series/
  3. Carolyn Howard-Johnson. Almost all my books are inspired by my spouse or close friends. Includes my books of poetry. I have this theory that almost nothing comes purely from the imagination; that everything is rooted in the experience of one kind or another. Http://bit.ly/CarolynsAmznProfile
  4. Bruce Joffe. http: //www.amazon.com/Square-Round-Hole-Bruce-Joffe-ebook/dp/B004XWIZZI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1490481496&sr=8-1&keywords=joffe+square+peg
  5. Mel RJ Smith. My memoirs inspired by my old friends and family https://www.amazon.com/Memoirs-Ordinary-Guy-Famous-Truths-ebook/dp/B00XCHK0D0/ref=la_B00WAE9T1K_1_2/159-3817232-5734359?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1490483934&sr=1-2
  6. Martha Moffett. I wrote, “A Flower Pot Is Not a Hat” when my 2-year-old daughter walked past my desk with a colander on her head. I said, “Take that off, it’s not a hat,” but when I looked again, it was just as hat-like as it was colander-like. The bo…Show more
  7. Cindy Graham. I was inspired by my husband to write – Guide to Traveling with Your Man – Tips, Tricks, Secrets and Helpful Hints. http://bit.ly/travel_book. We are actually in London as I write this and will be in Europe for several more months.
  8. Sarah Tun. Inspired by my hubby… written Sept 2012… does that mean he hasn’t inspired me since? Naw… Here ya go:http://sarahtunexaminelife.blogspot.com.es/2012/09/love-and-marriage-pause-from-inner.html
  9. Ron Lawruk. I wrote the biography For Love and Country, A Canadian Soldier’s Story http://www.ronlawruk.com inspired by my cousin who had to post-traumatic stress disorder after WW2 and me finally (after 40 years)convinced him to tell his story.
  10. Bruce Joffe. Square Peg in a Round Hole: Coming out to each of my ex-wives … my son … my parents … and myself!http://www.amazon.com/Square-Round-Hole-Bruce-Joffe-ebook/dp/B004XWIZZI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1490541735&sr=8-1&keywords=square+peg+jo…Show more
  11. Katharine Trauger. Everything I do is inspired by him, but the topic, here, is more so:
  12. George John. Many of the characters in my novel, “Flying Too Close to the Sun” were inspired by people I knew. Kind of file them in the back of your mind for use when you get down to the writing.
  13. Veronica McKinnon. My then 6 years old son (now 9 years old) inspired me to write this book http://bookstore.xlibris.com/Products/SKU-000968628/The-Adventures-of-Vincent–Batts.aspx
  14. Constance Vincent. My mother’s fight with Alzheimer’s inspired my book “Not Going Gently: A Psychologist Fights Back against AD for Her Mother. .and Perhaps Herself”:https://www.drclvincent.com.
  15. Marlene Bierworth. I was inspired to write my first book “Dreams With Feet” by my son. As a family, we joined in his dream of winter fun and sport: dogsledding and racing in the circuit.
  16. Frances Laskowski. I was inspired to write Balloon Man, by my daughter who was then 13. We were driving on Route 10 through Louisiana, over a long bridge with swamp on both sides. My daughter who knew I was a big horror movie fan, made the comment: “…Show more
  17. P. J. Mann. I almost feel bad to say that nobody close to me really inspired me to write anything. Is it really bad to have a wild imagination that brings me to many parallel realities to figure out characters and situations?
  18. ZGloria Lintermans. Inspired by my sweet cat, SAM. Sam is a cat without a tail. He is a breed that sports an adorable puff of white fur instead. It is a colorful picture book that is a great conversation starter between kids and parents about diversity and being accepting of everyone’s differences. http://bit.ly/SamTail
  19. Oshua Kimball. Inspired by my mom’s stories of the haunted house that she grew up in.http://www.audible.com/pd/Fiction/The-Haunting-on-X-Avenue-Audiobook/B01K3DJHIE/ref=a_search_c4_1_1_srTtl?qid=1490825726&sr=1-1
  20. R. Jay Berry. I have written four books all inspired by relatives. The First Sunday, Sunday’s Best, and Sunday’s Eternal Rose tell my grandmother’s story. My latest book, Forever Love, is inspired by my cousin and the love he had for a woman. All of my books have messages told through the stories. They can be found on my Amazon author page, R. Jay Berry.
  21. Pennie (Arrwyn) Pyle. My mother inspired me to keep writing no matter what my teachers may have said. I started telling stories when I was 4. I’ve written all of my life since. However, my son Michael has helped me write “Max and the Devil’s Daughter” and we are working on “The Criminal Solution” together. My daughter was the inspiration for “Justification” a book about a psychologist taking the law into her own hands.Show less.
  22. Sherrie Miranda. I shared the article on my WordPress blog! It’s a great place to start a discussion! My current (& last & best) husband is a musician. He is my inspiration! I always wanted to be a writer, but he made me believe I could do it! He made me see I could find the time IF I wanted it bad enough! http://tinyurl.com/klxbt4y
  23. Janet Garber. Wrote a funny poem inspired by my husband, Shelly, called The Passion of the Shelly. From his point of view. So about me. Or us. No one’s wanted to publish it yet. we think it’s pretty funny though. It’s good to look at yourself sometimes from another person’s point of view.
  24. Jo Carson-Barr. My children’s books The GoodBye Chair and The Chill Out Chair were inspired by my grandson Nicholas.

If you were inspired by these authors, how could you write your first content based on a family story?

Hervé-Boris NGATE

2 thoughts on “24 Amazing Authors That Will Inspire your Writings For the Next Five Years

  1. I’m so honored to be included in this group – I’m sorry it took me so long to stumble upon it as I was not tagged in it or notified that the article was going life. These are amazing authors. If you’re reading this, know that your story deserves to be told. Not because it’s the most original thing in history, but because it is a part of you and that makes it worthy. Those you love will be so happy you were brave enough to translate that part of you onto paper for all time. So don’t just think it, ink it! @aully1


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