How You Could Learn the Extra Mile Art Through Regular Jogging

How You Could Learn the Extra Mile Art Through Regular Jogging

In 2013 I had one of my best coaching experience on running and physical exercises with Derrick; He was my communications trainer colleague for 2 years and he had years of experiences ahead of me in the field. He was also a martial art expert and we used to run in the morning. I was always astonished by his day to day faithfulness to run every morning and I would join him from time to time.

“Always add an extra mile every time you go out to run,” he told me one morning we were running. He said that because the day before we ran and reached a point and I taught that we will stop at the same point. It was painful but we did it and went back home tired but happy. I did not know he was giving me one of the key tools for success in every sports activity but also in any other aspect of life.

4 years later, I can still remember Derrick’s advice every time I go out for running or jogging. The “extra-mile” could take different forms like changing the running route to a longer one, adding 5 more minutes to my running time, adding 1 more push up, running faster than the day before, running more days some weeks, etc… The idea behind the “extra-mile” is to always try to go beyond my limits each time I run and exercise.

I learned it through jogging more than anywhere before. I tried to figure out what if I apply the “extra mile” approach to other areas of my life like writing, reading, listening to a podcast or study a book. I imagine if, in a job or a work, I decide to be better or do better each day I am on the field. It become a goal to achieve and with time and practice, it become a habit. I found that people who practice a sport with the mindset of doing a little more each time they train themselves become real champions.

When I decide to write an article every day for 21 days, I first taught I will write only 30 minutes a day. But when I applied the “extra-mile” thinking, I find myself writing more than an hour now. Sometimes after writing, I edit the content or start writing another article the same day.

Someday, I feel like I have nothing to write…No words are flowing…no inspiration…The worse is when I spent more than an hour to write an article and I wrote less than 300 words. That’s when I realized my limitations. But at the same time, I discovered that I could choose to go beyond those limits. I feel the same thing every time I go out for jogging but I keep moving forward: That’s where I learned the “extra mile” mindset.

If you easily quit what you are passionate about, or you started a project and stopped on the way, I encourage you to set a regular jogging program. If you need support because you are lonely or need a booster, join a sports group, team up with somebody or participate in gym activities. Do everything to start or go back to a physical activity to prepare your mind to start and continue working on your goals.

Albert Einstein once said: “Once we know our limits, we go beyond them”. You can listen to the following video to learn more about how to push beyond your limits:

Let me know what you do to go beyond your limits every day. Leave a comment bellow to share what you are working on.

Hervé-Boris NGATE

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