2 Tips to Write an E-Book from your Blog Posts

2 Tips to Write an E-Book from your Blog Posts

I consider Blogging one of the most ecxiting activity I have ever started. It became more interesting when I discover how to write a blook ( an E-Book) from my blog posts. last year I published 2 e-books from my various content: the first one is on my experience as a communications trainer and the second one is on sustainable development goals.

What a joy to share it with my audience. The happiest part of the story is that I did it less than one year after starting my blog. There are many advantages to publish an e-book from your articles:

The first advantage is the satisfaction you achieved something valuable. An e-book is the numerical version of a book. All books are valuable contents; mostly when those books are writen with the desire to produce a change in the readers. You could now number yourself among book authors and writers. It’s a step in your professional and social promotion.

A consequence of this is that you add a value to your writing skills. Before, you were just creating contents on your favorites trips; or maybe sharing your views to change challenging situations around you. Now you look more like an experts in your area.

The second advantage is that when you write article with the idea of making an ebook, you become more consistent in writing and you develop the habit to go deeper in an area or a topic.

The last advantage is that you make money with your writings. It’s true that you need to put more effort in marketing (sorry for me, I did not have time to do it) to sell your ideas but the price you estimate your content makes you dream of infinite possibilities to make money with your articles.

Now that you know some benefits of moving from blogging to blooking, let me share with you how do you do it. This year, I already published an E-book on social media. I am  not the writer of all the articles but these are 2 simple advices I gave to the writer when I started publishing he’s article on seed4future.com:

Choose a domain that you master. Blogging is about sharing your ideas, opinions or expertise on a topic,challenge or a trend. Your readers will feel more confident if your contents are accurate , create values and provides solutions to their needs. They will be more confident in you when they realize you master what you say by adding facts, data and concrete exemple to support your views.

I decided to use storytelling to write my articles. My two e-books are actually a combination of true story driven from my language and communications training or from development issues I observed around me.

Write on the same topic for a  consistent period. One of the first article I read that motivated me to continue writing was writen by Glenn. I found it on twitter and the only thing I remember from the article is “write for the next 10 years”. It sinked into my subconscious and moved me forward day after day; later on I noticed that my e-books were just the fruits of the effort to write consistently.

For nine consecutive months, I thrive to create a content on development  and six months I did the same on language learning. It was not easy  because I had to write simultaneaously on both topics at certain time. The more I wrote, the more I mastered the subjects.

You can use a source like https://www.blookup.com/en/ (for English writers) or https://www.blookup.com/fr/ (for French writers) to create your ebooks. This amazing tool help you create your e-book with the PDF version of your articles or by simply uploading your content directly from your website (provided your blog uses wordpress, blogger/blogpost, canalblog,overblog, blog spirit, tumblr, skyrock, Haut et Fort) or your account on Facebook or Instagram. It takes you less than an hour  to create you e-book!

I would be glad to receive your ebook in my email the coming days. send it to me at seed.42f@gmail.com

Hervé-Boris NGATE



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