How Regular Jogging Could Boost Your Perseverance

How Regular Jogging Could Boost Your Perseverance

Do you remember the last time you overcome giving up or wanting to give up? I remember it very well: it was during a running session. The hit was so brutal I taught I should have better stay home; adding the pain factor because I added extra miles to my normal running routine, I really wanted to stop and walk back home.

While the idea of stopping crossed my mind, I kept telling myself “Keep running…you could slow down but keep moving forward…do not stop! How fast you go is less important than how safe you reach home running”. As I did it, I kept moving forward until finally, I reached home…alive… and… ready for fitness exercises.

The next running session, I could obviously notice that I was stronger and more motivated. I did not realize that I went far ahead of the point I decided to reach before turning back home. It’s at that time I performed better than ever before and I was ready to cross the next limits.

Watch the following video of Usain Bolt and how he became the fastest man in the world after 13 years of perseverance :

There is a strong relationship between the body and the mind. Most psychologists affirm that everything starts in the mind and then affects our body. They also affirm that your emotional intelligence does not make the difference if you are developing a skill for a specific domain.This simply means that, if you learn not to give up when running, your subconscious register the ability to persevere and will deploy it in any other area of your life when you will face adversities: it becomes your character.

You can use any activity you are passionate about to develop perseverance. Just pick what you like and do it whatever circumstances and challenges. The advantage with running or physical activities is that you see the reward practically, and you are still being astonished on what you could achieve with your body.

Keep writing! Keep preparing for that exam! Keep training for that test! Keep listening to motivational podcasts! Keep reading other successful people in your area!

Keep moving forward! You are soon ready to break your limits and reach unthinkable heights.

Hervé-Boris NGATE


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