3 Tips to Maintain and Grow True Friendships on Social Media

3 Tips to Maintain and Grow True Friendships on Social Media

In the last article I talked about quantity social media relationships; in this article, I will talk about quality relationships on social media. Now that you started the right networks online, how do you maintain and grow them?

My story with Mr. James (and many others) continues till today. Though I am no more in Uganda, we keep greeting each other and inquire about each other. I keep writing articles on organization development that could help him grow his business; So doing, there is room to move forward in our partnership.

There are 2 major things to do in other to maintain and grow true professional  relationships on social media:

Identify the relationship starters. What did you do to kick start those online connections? You must invest 80% of your time in those things you did at the beginning of those networks. Read the former article to refresh yourself on what you could do to start true friendships on social media.

Multiply them and innovate. Now that you identified what worked to start your online connections, multiply those actions and add new ideas. This could take only 20% of your time online because creativity will come from the routine of interacting with your connections.

For example, you could use events like professional anniversary or promotion or birthday celebration to stay connected with your friends. You could also inquire about the needs of your contacts through a survey and then create valuable services for them. Take time to like, comment on your contacts posts; it’s an excellent way to show interest on their behalf.

If you are in the writing business, the best advice is to keep writing. Continue to provide updated information for personal, community and organizational development. Furthermore, allow your online relationships to give their feedback on your contents. Without realizing, they will become participants in your next writing project; and what you will write shall empower them and make them feel more secure with you.

Let me know how you maintain and grow your relationships online. Leave a comment bellow and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

Hervé-Boris NGATE


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