The One Thing About Loosing Weight You Should Know

The One Thing About Loosing Weight You Should Know

“You don’t look like someone who will put on weight” said one of my friend when I was still single. I remember people mocked at me so much because I was so thin; Someone even asked me once if I was sick. Frustration grew because, this lead me to spend the little money I gained as student to eat ” fatty food” but no flesh was adding on; I added prayer on it, asking God to help me gain pounds to have a better outfit and It seems like God was deaf.

When I got married, something amazing happened: I put on 20 kg in less that one year! In Africa, putting on weight after maariage is sign the women is taking good care of the husband; But as time gone on, it was oversleep, overtiredness for the least effort done and  I came to the conclusion I had to loose weight. After months of gym, I could only stabilize my weight but I was still overweight.

Coming to the US made me take almost 10 kg in 3 months. I came to a situation were loosing weight was actually the only disqualifying factor for a drastic positive change in my life. I was shocked! The young man who was praying to put on weigh is the one who is praying to loose around 20 pounds in less than six months. Two weeks after some efforts, I was frustrated when I looked at my stomach pointing 90 degree before me. Something had to happen if not I would loose a unique opportunity in my life. Something happened and started seing positive results. It was obvious when people around me told me: you are becoming thin.

The good thing is that I lost 20 pounds in 4 weeks! I could celebrate the success and I started questionning all these special program to lost weight. I decided to share my experience on simple things I did  to have the shape physical appearance I have now !

The motivation behind loosing weight. You should determine  why you want to loose weight. Is it because people tell you so or it’s linked to something else. If marriage or the summer beach are reasons to loose weight, you’ll notice that you won’t make it. Many people who lost weight to get married regained it because they considered acquired the fact they were married; The summer beach is seasonnal and you’ll go back to your past eating habit because you will have no more reasons to cut off those pounds.

Motivation should be tied to something ideal or a dream or a vision you are persuing. What is the most radical change you want to see in your life? It could be a professional advancement, a new job, open a new business or move into a sport competition. This goal to change cannot be done if overweight because: Overweight means too much sleep, slow thinking, low reactions to situation, low sexual performance, etc.

Motivation will make you change your eating habits. It’s motivation that will make you cut off beaf, rice, white bread , fat milk from your diet. You’ll enjoy eating quality food that quantity food. Only a strong motivation could make me drink 3l of water daily for a month and avoid all sort of Soda; When I remembered my goal and the capital revolution that would take place in my life, I had to stop eating after 8pm; I could take fruits or a pot of hotmeal before going to bed.

Motivation will push you  burn those calories. Changing my eating habits and work hard was not easy. I had the choice between a cool lazy booring life because I was no more eating so much and increase activities that could contribute in burning calories faster. I made the second choice  and I am happy I did it at that time.

Working harder means more calories burned but also more pain in the body as it’s adapting to the new lifestyle. Your motivation keeps you moving forward despite pain; You just add that extra working time because you say : ” It’s bringing me closer to my goal”.

Nothing is more powerfull than the effect of a good motivation to loose weight. And you easily find your motivation in your longlife goals and ambitions. Nobody have to stimulate you when you drive your motivation from your life purpose because it comes within you.

Hervé-Boris NGATE

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