The 21 Days Crafting Diet: How to Develop and Master Your Writing Habits

The 21 Days Crafting Diet: How to Develop and Master Your Writing Habits

From May 7 to May 28, I did what I could never imagine I would do this year: Writing between 300 and 1000 words every day for 21 days. When I think that writing an article a week seemed almost impossible for me at the beginning of this year, I am happy this writing routine made me write 21 blog posts that could cover four months of publishing. I am glad to share with  you how it happened and how it built confidence in me concerning my writing skills. This article also concludes the series of articles I wrote during that period.

I had no idea it will last 21 days. After the first seven days of writing, I remember what Brian Tracy  said in one of his motivational speech: if you do something for 21 days, it becomes a habit. I told myself, why not trying it; I will write an article every day for the 14 remaining days. I asked myself on what should I write?

I wrote down in my notebook every ideas and article titles that flowed out of my mind. I  also listened to podcasts to find inspiration; I went back into unpublished articles and suddenly, my draft was full of topics to write on.

The best time to write for me was immediately after I woke up. During the day, I could also write but I maximized the first hours of the day on writing something. Most of the time, I finished writing an article within 30 minutes to one hour. I did it without editing or proofreading; just writing. It’s after the 21 days that I edited most of the articles. Some were edited after I wrote every single word the same day and I made sure I rounded up the topic.

Most of the topics were storytelling which made it easy to write because I had a focal point to start with. When I had difficulties to have words, I simply answer the question “what is the real life situation I want to use to illustrate my ideas”. Once I remembered one or many of such situations, I chose the one that reflect the most what I wanted to communicate in my article.

I also wrote depending on my audiences. Who will read me? The answer made me differentiate my contents into four categories: Writing Management, Business and entrepreneurship, organizational and personal development, Cross-cultural management. It was easy to write articles in the same category then move to another one.

I faced two major challenges during this period. The first one was to write most of the articles in English being a French Native; On the 21 articles I wrote, only 4 were written in French. The powerful motivation behind writing in English was that it makes me develop more creative skills. The second challenge was to reach the appropriate number of words for some article; I remember I spent a day on a topic and I could not write more than 300 words. What a frustration! The next day, I had to work on two articles at the same time. The most important was that I succeeded to produce an acceptable length for the article.

I felt very excited with the idea of writing a coming book in 21 days. I told myself: “If I could write 1000 words every day at the pick of my writing performance, what if I invest on writing every day for 21 days? I could write 21000 words for a book every 3 months!”

I learned the importance of a writing plan if I have to do it next time. I am ready to write my first novel in 21 days as soon as I find a spot to invest in. I am now convinced it’s possible to write a blog post every day. I thought it was impossible but, during these 21 days, I acquired the writing habits and management necessary to grow in the writing business.

I was very encouraged by my wife who came back home one day and asked me once how many articles I wrote? Two friends also valued my writings by finding them inspirational. Two LinkedIn professionals were amazed at my effort and courage to write in English as they read one of my blog posts. I considered these appreciations as small rewards that prepare a greater work.

What topics will you write on for the  next 21 days ? Choose the period that fit you , plan what to write and start writing.

Hervé-Boris NGATE

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