Month: October 2017

I Want To Go Home!

I Want To Go Home!

If you’ve ever been far away from those you love the more in your life, the words of this song will go deep down into your heart, spirit and soul.


I want to go home,

Darling I want to come back home;

And the best time seems to be now.

I want to go home,

My son I want to run back home;

For the best place for me is to be with you.


I have been away for so long

90 days far away from you…

Each day, each night without you

Seems an eternity


I want to go home,

Darling I want to come back home;

And the best time seems to be now.

I want to go home.

My son I want to run back home;

For the best place for me is to be with you.


All I want and all I need

My desires and my wishes

To see you and hold you tight

Oh how I miss you!


I want to go home,

Darling I want to come back home;

And the best time seems to be now.

I want to go home.

My son I want to run back home;

For the best place for me is to be with you.


What a joy to know that soon

We’ll be all together well

What a joy as a family

Time seems to run so fast.


I am ready to come back home;

Darling, I am flying back home,

For the best time to hold you tight is soon.

I am ready to come home;

My son, Dad is back home

For time to miss you is over…

Hervé-Boris Ngaté


The Power Of Transferable Skills

The Power Of Transferable Skills

I evaluated the impact of 21 months of writing management and I was happy by the increased visibility on social media and concrete relations experiences during that period. I was also excited about the coming challenges on writing skills and how to overcome them successfully.

I took my pen, my blocknote and wrote down all I learned as aas a social media entrepreneur during the past 20 months. As I did it, I came with 20 points that are actually skills developed while blogging.

I noticed that those skills I acquired became part of my habits. I also discovered I could apply them in any other business area. I would like to share with you exactly what I wrote on my note book:

  1. I identified a need
  2. I searched how to meet the need
  3. I created a service/product
  4. I put the product at the disposal of consumers
  5. I asked for feedback
  6. I extended my audience
  7. I fidelized my audience
  8. I managed a team
  9. I managed finances
  10. I managed time
  11. I worked under pressure
  12. I created  and innovated
  13. I grew my knowledge in English
  14. I mastered goal-centered writing
  15. I increased my visibility worldwide through social media
  16. I converted my writing skills into coaching
  17. I converted my writing skills into evangelization
  18. I made new friends of different cultures
  19. I became an independant researcher
  20. I keep writing

Taking a step back and looking clearly at these skills acquired, I felt very encouraged to continue writing because I developed the profile of a social media  and communication, marketing manager, a coach and entrepreneur  with a part-time non paid activity I enjoy doing.

What hapened with me as a blogger is the power of transferable skills. I am learning with this experience that everything in life count. Every experience is valuable and can be usefull in another area of expertise.

I don’t know what you are doing right now that seems meaningless to you but I want to show you how to drive the best skills from it. You could therefore transfer those skills into an area you like or use them to move into another career.

As an experienced goal achiver, I will guide you step by step on how to move to the next enjoyable level in life, your career or your dreams.

What you need to know!

Learn how to put names on the activities . The task is at the base of every goal achieved. Therefore, if you can write down the various tasks you do at your current job, you will have a broaden picture of where you are aiming at.

Simply write down in detail what you do everyday from the time you start working until the moment you leave your workplace. Use action verbs that describe the task you do.

Also include tasks done alone and task done with other colleagues; Make sure you appreciate wether you liked it or not.

You could be doing the job of a manager without knowing and when applying for the next job that requires management competencies, you feel incompetent.

The other thing is that by writing down your daily task, you could also include the various challenges you encounter.

You would be able to answer the questions when did you do the job? where did you do it? how were you doing it? how many people were involved? what challenges did you encounter and how did you solve them? These questions are very regular in any job interview.

Finally, you could go back to your job description and find key words related to your position. After doing that, write down the corresponding actions you are doing now and not what the job description portrayed.

You’ll notice that you are gaining experience far ahead of what is required from you and those new skills could be usefull for your next promotion or job.

Learn from your past experiences. While growing in the job business, you were involved into good or bad experiences. The most important is not how exciting or fun those experiences were but the amount of knowledge , skills and attitude you acquired.

The experential learning cycle (ELC) is one the most powerfull tools that could help you organize your experiences to improve your skills, knowledge and attitudes. It’s an approach based on how you understand your own experiences compared to the results obtained.

This approach maximises your transferable skills outcome if you are a goal-centered person. You must be someone who is used to make a “to-do list” for every single working day. Such a list is your daily bluprint that guide each and every action you’re committed to.

The ELC will help you increase your results as you work on writing down your experiences and what you learn from them.

Again write down the tasks done during each of those life, professional or business activities. Then convert them into skills you can use now in your current job to improve your results or, plan the next career you want to have.

I understand it can be confusing and challenging!

You might not know were and how to start. And you probably think it will take you forever to do it. That’s why I am writing to you to offer you my services to support you achieve your dreams.

If you need coaching or support at any level of this rewarding and gratifying activity, contact me and specify what type of support I can help you with.


Hervé-Boris Ngaté








Nouvelles Approches pour Révolutionner le Système Financier International.

Nouvelles Approches pour Révolutionner le Système Financier International.

La mondialisation entraîne l’interconnexion économique des nations par un système financier international. Le système financier international décrit l’ensemble des opérations financières sur le plan international, tandis que le système monétaire international gère les relations de change et de crédit entre les pays.

Un système financier est constitué d’unités institutionnelles et de marchés qui entretiennent des relations complexes en vue de mobiliser des fonds à des fins de placement et de fournir des facilités pour le financement de l’économie mondiale.

Les institutions financières sont en majorité des entreprises ou des administrations publiques ayant le droit en leur nom propre de posséder des actifs, de souscrire des passifs, de s’engager dans des activités économiques et d’effectuer des transactions avec d’autres unités.

L’on y retrouve aussi les institutions collectrices de dépôts (ICD), où l’on peut investir ou emprunter des fonds, les Banques centrales émettant la monnaie fiduciaire, les banques commerciales, les sociétés holding, les autres sociétés d’intermédiation financière, les gestionnaires de fonds spéculatifs, etc…

Or, loin de sécuriser les échanges et de produire une prospérité partagée, cette coopération économique et monétaire génère de graves crises.

Par exemple, en 2007, les familles américaines dont les revenus stagnaient furent incapables de rembourser les prêts immobiliers non garantis. Il s’en suivit en 2008 la crise immobilière des subprimes. Elle devint financière et bancaire lorsque les banques insolvables ne purent plus accorder des crédits. D’où la faillite de Lehman Brothers, dont les répercussions plongèrent les Etats Unis dans une crise économique sévère.

 Quant à la Grèce, la  banque d’investissement Goldman Sachs lui proposa de mauvais instruments de mesure qui masquèrent l’ampleur réelle de sa dette. En fin 2009, cette banque commit un délit  en révélant à certains de ses clients les vrais chiffres de l’endettement grec, ce qui leur permit d’attaquer  ce pays au moyen de la spéculation.

Selon la journaliste économique Myret Zaki, les taux d’intérêts de la dette  grecque explosèrent de7% au taux exorbitant de 20%. Aussitôt, les marchés paniquèrent, et la crise contamina toute l’économie du pays.

Ainsi, les Etats s’endettèrent lourdement pour renflouer les banques, et devinrent incapables d’assurer leurs missions sociales envers les citoyens subissant chômage et appauvrissement. Pour s’en sortir, certaines banques ponctionnent leurs clients en prélevant leurs comptes.

En plus, les programmes d’ajustement structurels imposés par les institutions de Bretton Woods (FMI et Banque Mondiale) sont parfois inefficaces. Somme toute, le fait pour un pays d’avoir sa dette cotée en bourse le rend totalement vulnérable aux attaques des spéculateurs internationaux. Désormais, l’Etat semble l’otage du système bancaire globalisé.

Au regard de ce qui précède, le système financier international est-il le garant du bon fonctionnement de l’économie libérale globalisée ou un instrument de domination ? Comment trouver des solutions appropriées à ce problème ?

A ce titre, l’Islande et le Botswana sont des exemples de pays ayant réussi à sortir de la crise. En 4 ans d’austérité,  l’Islande a remboursé l’intégralité de sa dette au FMI, évitant ainsi la faillite.

Elle affiche un taux de croissance de 3.5 %, pour seulement  4% de chômage, un  PIB de 53 918 USD/habitant, 100%   d’alphabétisation, et une espérance de vie de 82.06 ans. La hausse des impôts a été compensée par une dévaluation de sa monnaie. Le système bancaire a été assaini et les exportations diversifiées par les nouvelles technologies.

Avec un taux moyen de croissance de 7,7 % sur plusieurs années le Botswana  représente le nouveau miracle africain, car ayant réussi à multiplier les revenus de ses citoyens par 11 entre 1960 et 2007. Ce taux de croissance est de loin supérieur à celui de Singapour (6,4 %) et de la Corée du Sud (6,6 %) sur la même période.

Les professeurs Daron Acemoglu et Simon Johnson (2001) attribuent cette réussite au bon usage des ressources naturelles, au caractère égalitaire de la société botswanaise, à la qualité de ses institutions dotées d’un taux de transparence de 6,1/10 ; ce qui en fait le pays le moins corrompu d’Afrique.

En résumé, relancer l’économie nécessite l’affranchissement du fardeau de la dette, l’assainissement du système bancaire, la réduction des procédures spéculatives, la séparation des banques de dépôt des banques d’affaires, l’amélioration de la protection sociale, et la gestion durable des ressources.

Leteno TchoualaLetono pict

Leteno Tchouala Roland Armand est un chercheur affilié au Centre de Recherche, d’Etudes Diplomatiques internationales et Stratégiques (CREDIS), basé à Yaoundé. Titulaire d’un Master obtenu à l’Université de Yaoundé II, Letono s’intéresse particulièrement aux questions économiques, en rapport avec la gouvernance des finances publiques dans le système financier mondial.

Boosting Your Business With Digital Marketing

Boosting Your Business With Digital Marketing


I noticed I have been in the business writing for almost 2 years and I would like to introduce myself to my readers who don’t know me. I would also like to share with you some of my plans for 2018 that could help you become the successful person you want to be.

I have written, help write and published 94 articles on my blog in the last 21 months. I also published from those blog posts 4 E-books on various subjects like French and Cross-culture, Cross-Cultural Management, Organizational and personal development, writing management and Entrepreneurship.

What started as a simple passion for online marketing became an amazing self-development project viewed and read now in 121 countries in 5 continents through social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Google Adwords, Gmail, and Yahoo. I currently have almost 20000 viewers and visitors on my blog and more than 400000 on all the other networks.

After nine months of writing articles to help French learners in Alliance Française and several international organizations in Kampala, I was solicited by the Alliance Française to train teachers on how to build a blog to improve French learners’ skills.

Some of my contents were used for direct internet marketing towards organizational, personal development and writing management for entrepreneurs in Uganda, Kenya, Cameroon, and America. I  also used blog posts on language learning to empower young immigrants to easily integrate English.

I write in French or English depending on my audience. But 75% of my recent articles are in English due to my move to America.

Blogging is a volunteer activity I enjoy doing to help people grow their skills, knowledge, and attitudes. Actually, I made no money with my writing talent but I developed outstanding skills during 21 months of blogging that I share with you in my article entitled “The Power Of Transferable Skills“.

Next year, I would like to turn my skills into a rewarding business and I want you to be the first to benefit from it.

Before reaching next year, I would like to give you a foretaste of several services you can benefit from me :

Advertisement. The main page of my blog can make your products visible to thousands of customers around the globe. The impact will be greater because I use google adds for advert so that you will certainly increase your sales by 1000% in few months.
Let me remind you that my blog is visible in 121 countries in 5 continents. Imagine I was able to do it by just investing an average of an hour a day! What if I invest more time to help grow your business.

Coaching. Through a flexible and extensive diversity of programs, whether you are a new venture or an expert who want to reach people in other cultures, you can rely on my years of cross-cultural experiences in three countries to grow your business.

You may want to start your writing journey and you don’t know where to start! By requesting my coaching skills, you can be sure you’ll learn from my real life experience. You will be amazed by the progress you’ll make by following simple rules on writing from my experiences and one of many mentors I followed and still follow.

Take a time to read the various topics on my blog and choose which area you need supportive advice to be successful. It could be losing weight, managing your sexual life during your wife’s pregnancy, how to make jogging a happy way of life, how to communicate effectively in a cross-cultural milieu, etc…

The revolution of the internet makes coaching easier for you and for me. Whether physically or online, I am available and flexible to your time and your money.

Don’t wait for 2018 to start enjoying these opportunities. Contact me now by email at or by phone: (240) 361 7919.

You can also follow my weekly publications by subscribing to my blog after reading this article.
If you liked this blog post and you think it could help someone you know, like, share and/or leave a comment below.

Hervé-Boris NGATE

You Making More Money By Talking!?

You Making More Money By Talking!?

I am writing this article to help you make more money by doing nothing, but talking! Don’t you believe it?

Let me introduce myself before I make my offer to you.

My name is Hervé-Boris Ngaté.

I have written, help write and published 94 articles on my blog in the last 21 months. I also published from those blog posts 4 E-books on various subjects like French and Cross-culture, Cross-Cultural Management, Organizational and Personal Development, Writing Management and Entrepreneurship.

It first started as a simple passion for writing, and then later became an amazing self-development project viewed and read now in 121 countries on 5 continents through social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Google Ad words, Gmail, and Yahoo. I currently have almost 20,000 viewers and visitors on my blog and more than 400,000 on all the other networks.

After nine months of writing articles to help French learners in Alliance Française and several international organizations in Kampala, I was invited by the Alliance Française to train teachers on how to build a blog to improve French learners’ skills.

Some of my articles were used for direct organizational and personal development, and writing management for entrepreneurs in Uganda, Kenya, Cameroon, and USA. I also blogged on learning languages to facilitate new immigrant’s immersion in English speaking areas.

So that’s a little bit about me.


Imagine that you talk or tell your story for one hour every week. My job is to record you and publish you to millions of readers and viewers on social media.

Once you become famous, your expertise is proven, and then people will show interest on the pertinence of your experience.

The tip is that for an hour of expertise you’ll share, between $25 and $350 will get into your pocket per hour! You will make so much money by talking only 30 minutes or an hour a week at a convenient time scheduled for you.

The other tip is that the amount of knowledge you’ll generate will become a book you’ll sell to millions of people.

Thinking that you’ll pay me $25 an hour every week may scare you because you are not sure you are making the right investment.


According to researchers, you need a proven experience of at least 2 years to be considered as a master in your area. After 5 years of tracking results, you become all-stars professional with the distinctive outcome no one will ever doubt.

So allow time to speak for you. Settle a regular day during the week where you’ll talk for an hour to record your experience. We could schedule an appropriate time and place for the 30 minutes record of your story.

The rest of 30 minutes is left to me to edit your talk and publish it.

You don’t need to say everything on every of your patients. You can use a block note to write down key words or key ideas that will make you easily remember what to say during your record talk.

If you don’t know how to make quick and easy note, I could provide a free training on how to do it in an effective and efficient way.

I could also train you on how to use the experiential learning cycle to take down notes in a powerful way. This training is free of charge and it is part of the benefits you have by enrolling to this business.

I understand you are so busy with your job that investing an additional hour to record yourself, work on editing and publishing your content could be very exhausting. That’s why the only thing you have to do is sit down, and tell me your experience.

You can be doing it while relaxing or doing something fun since I will be there to record everything.


According to Peter Drucker, one of the prophets of American economy management, America has the best-trained Nurses and Assistant nurse in the world. But unfortunately, they are very few knowledge workers in their area.

It simply means that they don’t produce new knowledge to improve the quality care to the patient. The reason is that they are not focused on their unique jobs but do several things at the same time.

The first consequence is the loss of millions of dollars by families, hospitals, care centers, and the government.

The second consequence is the loss of qualified professionals trained in the US system but who leave and go to work elsewhere because they want to be focused on their jobs.

The last consequence is the increasing early death of many patients in care centers due to lack of new knowledge to help patients.

Listen to the story of Lora, a CNA trainee.

As we were working with elderly people, I was giving food to one of them. He was actually a famous preacher of the gospel. Near his bed was a radio tuned to a gospel station and no one was allowed to change the station.

As I was feeding him, I asked him if he was a child of God because I was one too. I told him I was praying for his recovery and wish that he goes back to his ministry. As I said it, he held me tight.

When he did it, I remained sited and kept singing. A GNA assigned to me became critical, telling me that the man is aggressive and could harm me. The patient sought and I understood that she was not telling the truth.

The other trainee was astonished because the patients never talk with anybody. I felt emotionally overwhelmed and at the same time happy, because I could positively impact the life of this old man.

As we were living the room, the lady told me that a GNA has 14 patients to take care of every day. There is not enough time to have deep conversations with each patient as I did. And when she goes back home, she is so tired that she needs special care and rest.

I understood that I could not reach my full potential as GNA or CNA in a nursing center but that I need a one on one care.” (Lora, CNA trainee)

I am sure the story is clear enough to help you understand how a care experience could influence one career decision. Since my goal is not to make an analysis of the story, I allow you to make your personal judgment and learn from Lora’s experience.

If every nurse or assistant nurse had the opportunity to generate new knowledge and skills on his/her daily tasks, imagine the amount of knowledge produce after one, two or 5 years!!!

You can be that person who will make the difference by sharing details of your practices to solve new challenges.


By making within $25 to $350 an hour as an expert in your area, you’ll be making thousands of dollars a month. This is surely far much more than what you will make by working for someone else.

Then the reward of building a name, a brand and a story you can share with your relatives, your colleagues and people around the world. It’s easier to publish E-books or books once enough materials had been gathered through numerous recording of your experience.

You cannot miss such an opportunity to value your skills and to be part of those who make history by writing their story to help others.

Your responsibility is to speak for an hour every week!

Mine is to write or record you, and then edit your speech to publish it with you as the author and finally build a strong and powerful evidence of your expertise that prepares you to be the coach people will crave for in two years.

You can start right now!


Contact me right now through one of the following ways and request your personal time to be recorded.


Phone: (240) 361-7919

I am right available with high-quality materials to record every detail of your amazing journey that prepares you the move to the next enjoyable level in your life.


Hervé-Boris NGATE