Boosting Your Business With Digital Marketing

Boosting Your Business With Digital Marketing


I noticed I have been in the business writing for almost 2 years and I would like to introduce myself to my readers who don’t know me. I would also like to share with you some of my plans for 2018 that could help you become the successful person you want to be.

I have written, help write and published 94 articles on my blog in the last 21 months. I also published from those blog posts 4 E-books on various subjects like French and Cross-culture, Cross-Cultural Management, Organizational and personal development, writing management and Entrepreneurship.

What started as a simple passion for online marketing became an amazing self-development project viewed and read now in 121 countries in 5 continents through social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Google Adwords, Gmail, and Yahoo. I currently have almost 20000 viewers and visitors on my blog and more than 400000 on all the other networks.

After nine months of writing articles to help French learners in Alliance Française and several international organizations in Kampala, I was solicited by the Alliance Française to train teachers on how to build a blog to improve French learners’ skills.

Some of my contents were used for direct internet marketing towards organizational, personal development and writing management for entrepreneurs in Uganda, Kenya, Cameroon, and America. I  also used blog posts on language learning to empower young immigrants to easily integrate English.

I write in French or English depending on my audience. But 75% of my recent articles are in English due to my move to America.

Blogging is a volunteer activity I enjoy doing to help people grow their skills, knowledge, and attitudes. Actually, I made no money with my writing talent but I developed outstanding skills during 21 months of blogging that I share with you in my article entitled “The Power Of Transferable Skills“.

Next year, I would like to turn my skills into a rewarding business and I want you to be the first to benefit from it.

Before reaching next year, I would like to give you a foretaste of several services you can benefit from me :

Advertisement. The main page of my blog can make your products visible to thousands of customers around the globe. The impact will be greater because I use google adds for advert so that you will certainly increase your sales by 1000% in few months.
Let me remind you that my blog is visible in 121 countries in 5 continents. Imagine I was able to do it by just investing an average of an hour a day! What if I invest more time to help grow your business.

Coaching. Through a flexible and extensive diversity of programs, whether you are a new venture or an expert who want to reach people in other cultures, you can rely on my years of cross-cultural experiences in three countries to grow your business.

You may want to start your writing journey and you don’t know where to start! By requesting my coaching skills, you can be sure you’ll learn from my real life experience. You will be amazed by the progress you’ll make by following simple rules on writing from my experiences and one of many mentors I followed and still follow.

Take a time to read the various topics on my blog and choose which area you need supportive advice to be successful. It could be losing weight, managing your sexual life during your wife’s pregnancy, how to make jogging a happy way of life, how to communicate effectively in a cross-cultural milieu, etc…

The revolution of the internet makes coaching easier for you and for me. Whether physically or online, I am available and flexible to your time and your money.

Don’t wait for 2018 to start enjoying these opportunities. Contact me now by email at or by phone: (240) 361 7919.

You can also follow my weekly publications by subscribing to my blog after reading this article.
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Hervé-Boris NGATE

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