The Power of Small Achievements!

The Power of Small Achievements!

This week has been the publication of the 100 th article on in almost 2 years.

With the approach of thanksgiving , one of the first things I am gratefull to God is the ability to keep writing all this time despite the many challenges.

My goal is to continue to write for the next 8 years whatever happens.

This means I would have published 500 articles in 10 years. I will be 44 years old by that time.

Considering an average of 800 words for each article, I would produced 400000  words in 10 years. An equivalent of 10 books of 100 pages average.

As we are preparing to enter year 2018, I am writing to encourage you to start something, how small you estimate it.

I started with no experience on blogging. I only had the passion for self-development contents and the desire to communicate my experience with the greatest number of people.

This is where it led me:

– 100 articles writen by me, co- writers and writers from Cameroon, Uganda, Burundi and India.

– Worlwide visibility in 123 countries in 5 continents.Countries.jpg

– More than 20 000 viewers and visitors on my blog.

– Free Self and Organizational Development Training in Netherland, Uganda, Kenya, USA, India and Cameroon.

– 4-Ebooks published on

If the passion for something good and valuable burns in your heart , do it with the little resources you have and grow it with hard work and perseverance.

That’s what I did and I am determined to keep writing!

Start somewhere! Do it and keep doing it!!!

Hervé-Boris Ngaté


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