Online Marketing Tools To Increase Your Digital Business Visibility in 2018

Online Marketing Tools To Increase Your Digital Business Visibility in 2018

The goal of this article is to share with you how to increase the visibility of your organization through focused social media presence.

Contrary to many social media activists, I started with no reputation and nothing but a group of French Language learners as my primary audience. In fact, I had only one view of each of my first articles on Facebook for about 3 months. From time to time, the number could move up but there was no stability.

Instead of being discouraged, I searched ways to attract more viewers and grow my audience.

I found that there are favorite traffic hours to increase visibility depending on channels. I invested approximatively 15 minutes morning, midday , afternoon and evening to share on various channels. With, I automatically connected my different social media accounts.

Therefore, as soon as I publish an article, it’s posted on those various channels at the same time. I will then share the content in groups, or on home pages the remaining periods of the day and the week as illustrate in the table bellow:

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+
Best 1-4pm 1-3pm 7-9am or 5-6pm 9-11am
Worst 8pm-8am 8pm-9am 10pm-6am 6pm-8am

I learned everything through experience. That’s why if you understand these simple steps I am going to discuss in this article, and you apply them on your own context, you’ll surely do better than me.

You’ll be starting from proven methods that made me reach hundreds of thousands of people around the globe in less than 2 years.

In fact, my blog has now been viewed in more than 120 countries in five continents. Various contents in French and English helped reach viewers and new visitors on my blogsite every day.

In addition, I selectively focused on some channels depending on my audience and the results expected. Don’t make the mistake to be active on the 21 online channels showed in the above picture.

You’ll be waisting a lot of time, money and energy. you’ll also lost impact because you will become inconsistent on different channels. Honestly, on all the 5 channels I used in the past 21 months, I am more effective and efficient on only 2 or 3 of them.

I am sharing all of them with you so that you can choose the one that suit you the best.

1. I started with Facebook where I had an account. My first goal by sharing on facebook was to make the difference with these fancy post with no development purposes. I noticed most of the post on Facebook based on development had so little views.

2. Then moved to LinkedIn and Twitter. I started with LinkedIn and Twitter for professional reasons. Many of my articles were educational. So I needed an audience where I can learn and share my ideas and researches.

I am most active on linkedIn because most of my readers in group could comment or trigger a discussion with articles posted. Twitter helped me connected with the news feed on people,organization and experts writing on the same center of interest.

3. I added Google. Google+ and GoogleAddwords. I did not realized everything I published appeared on google search. The day I realized it, I became more consistent on my content and  more, I taugh of the image I could have on a social media like Google if someone just type my name.

Google adwords is an amazing tool that helped me write with more purpose. I was able to tailor my content based on most common words searched on the web. The most important is that I added the SEO skills on my social media profile.

4. Whatsapp is the most efficient and the most direct social media tool among all I mentioned. I could reach my reader rigth where they were. I said to myself: “If the title and the first sentence of my article is attractive enough, I will have more viewers and new visitors everyday; Because where ever they are, as soon as they see my post, they will click on it”.

Wheter individual or whatsapp groups, I never regret sharing an article!

Imagine that you are going through a financial crisis and you receive a new whatsapp message from me. The first words on the message are “How to come Out of your Financial Troubles”. What will be you next reaction? Of course, clicking on the link to read more on the topic.

If this happen on a weekly base, you’ll trust me more and more. Next time you see a message from me, it’s more likely you’ll want to take a look at my content because I hit you right on your need last time.

That’s exactly what I did with my  French Language learners. Some of my students became co-writers of some language articles, while some volunteered to proofread my contents in English and others decided to help by sharing to their friends on social media.

I want to insist on the fact that with whatsapp, you reach your reader right on his bed, in the bus, while driving or in the bathroom. It’s direct, simple and the reader can reply to you on the spot even if he/she does not leave a comment on the blog page.

5. Emails. Finally, let’s talk about emails. For me, emails helped me reach people I would never meet. In the era of digitalization, we often connect with people online for training purposes or professional exchanges.

When I write an article that could interest one of those categories of people, I have no choice but to email to them. Or, when I call for action at the end of my article, I ask my reader to send me an email.

As the correspondance become more effective and bear more fruits, phone numbers could be exchange for more direct conversations by call or whatsapp .

What online marketing tools and strategies are you using to increase the visibility of your product online? I will be happy to hear from you.

I am currently looking for a passionate youth whose main task will be to continue to disseminate my contents on those channels while I focus on research and writing.

This volunteer job request an hour a day from Monday to Friday. You’ll gain in experience and you’ll also expand your knowledge of different social media that you could transfer in any other area of your life.

If you liked this article and you are interested in this volunteer opportunity, email me now or, share it with people who could be interested in this opportunity.

Send them this article and help them acquire new skills that could change their career and future.


Hervé-Boris Ngaté


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