Taping The Power Of Diversity in 21St Century Organisations: Principles and Practices

Taping The Power Of Diversity in 21St Century Organisations: Principles and Practices


The purpose of this book is to present various results of qualitative studies on cross-cultural challenges that are influencing the new world shape of the beginning of the 21st century. The content of this book generate information to provide some direction in the midst of a multicultural milieu.

The book is divided into two parts. The first one focuses on leadership and management challenges while the second part emphasizes on specific case studies based on observations in various types of organizations across three countries.

There has never been an attempt to write a book or a guide on cross-culture. It has always been about understanding better ways to succeed in a multicultural milieu whether as a student, a graduate or a young professional.

Everything in this book is life related. As with many qualitative contents, it provides direction and answers the questions “why” and “how”?

The effort to avoid academic style and still remain logical in my saying is a big deal in this book. I position myself as the expert of my document. Every observation came from what I learned with experiences that produced the expected or unexpected results.

We are in the first quarter of the 21st century and by 2030 we should be able to evaluate at the global level the impact of all the predictions and studies on the success of globalization of businesses. I remain convinced that by conducting further studies on the areas raised in this book, we could have better multicultural environment at workplaces.

As the reader will notice, I focused on specific areas such as leadership, management, language, communication, cultural shocks and global mobility. I know there could be much to say on cross-culture but I am sure what I am saying in this little book is worthy enough to ignite a change at the individual and organizations level.

Get a free copy of the Cross-Cultural Challenges_protected and share it to those you know who might need it.

Hervé-Boris Ngaté, Cross-Cultural Psychologist and Communications Specialist


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