As You Enjoy Christmas, Answer These 7 Simple Questions To Succeed in 2018.

As You Enjoy Christmas, Answer These 7 Simple Questions To Succeed in 2018.

The joy of celebrating Christmas is there. All around the globe in almost every culture, the birth of the Savior, Jesus-Christ will be celebrated in different ways.

Just as Jesus came with the purpose of reconciling a fallen humanity with God, and He worked hard to make it happen, we should follow His example to live a fulfilled life through Him.

As we enjoy festivities, one should not forget that life is also about creating values to bring change in others life. Those values come from a vision to improve your life or others life through established goals you will pursue with hard work and persistence.

I wrote this article very short to give you enough time to celebrate Christmas with your beloved one and I would like you to answer these 7 simple questions that could help you focus your coming year on priorities.

These questions are driven by proven methods I developed last year in one of my articles. Answers to these questions covers 7 key aspects of your life on which you could invest to reach new heights.

Know your Strengths

Question: Do you remember key decisions you made in 2017 and the actions taken to realize them? Write down the expected results and the real one.

Know how you perform

Question: Do you learn easily by reading or by listening? Do you know how you work? What are your values?

Know where you belong

Question: Are you a leader or a follower? Do you enjoy working alone or in the group? How do you feel when you work with small groups or large groups?

Know what your contribution is 

Question: Could you write down 2-4 situations you know you will face in 2018? It could be: finding a new job, having a career promotion or change, getting married, live abroad for 6 months to develop new skills.

Understand Relationship Responsibility

Question: What are you going to do to understand people around you?

The Challenge of the Second Half of Your Life

Question: Do you volunteer for an NGO in your community? Could you pick another job, a weekend or part-time one ?

 The Power of Managing Oneself

Question: How could you track your progress on your personal management growth? Are you ready to make some adjustment to become the best version of yourself?

If you have other questions you ask yourself to find answers that could help you succeed,  please share with me. I would be glad to learn from you.

Merry Christmas!

Hervé-Boris Ngaté



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