Month: June 2018

12 Tips to Succeed Immigrants Preschool Education

12 Tips to Succeed Immigrants Preschool Education

“I was raised by the TV. My mother never had time for me and I never knew what it means to have a dad.

Now I understand that my mother had to work almost 16 hours a day to cover the house expenses and take care of us.

I learned everything through TV and Medias and I never had a chance to compare the virtual world with the hard reality of life.

Now at 25 years old, I have never completed college, I am financially broken, still living with my family and I was forced to take a job in a warehouse to pay my debts.

All I know is wasting money on cars and have fun. I don’t want to get married and I don’t think of having kids because I have nothing to offer them but what the TV taught me.”

This is the real and sad story of a 25 years old immigrant who came to the US with the family when he was still  a baby. Though legally admitted in America, the challenges to integrate the system made things complicated for this young boy.

The frustrating part of the story is that he is not alone in this situation. There may be hundreds or even thousand of immigrants kids leagally admitted in America who are facing the same reality due to a neglect of parents or guardians to invest in preschool education.

According to some US researchers, the success in preschool education produce seven time more than what has been invested in a child by the time the child reaches 21 year old.

The evaluation of the success could be seen in the the reduction of risks to drug addiction, emprisonment, school abandonment and social deviances.

What are some tips to invest in immigrants preschool education in a generation where social media, gain and the persue of wealth sometimes takes over time on our little ones.

    1. Spend time with the little one
    2. Watch TV educative program with them
    3. Act, sing, dance with them on what is  seen on educative program
    4. Connect the little to peer social groups
    5. Spend time in the community with your children and relate what they watched on educative TV program with real life
    6. Shut down the TV and stimulate their mind to creative activities such as reading, playing an instrument
    7. Help them have time alone to play with their toys
    8. Play with them with their toys and observe their interests
    9. Cut down your overtimes at work during their preschool period
    10. Read and educate yourself on how to motivate the little ones. You can get these books on as cheap as just $3.99. “The Night Before Preschool” is fresh  reading start
    11. Do it and they will learn it faster but becarefull of negative actions in front of children or what they watch on TV
    12. Interact with them on what they learnt on social groups, kindergarden, etc..

I would like to hear from you what  tips could help immigrants kids succeed their preschool educaction.

Watch the case study videos bellow and compare Western and Sub-Sahara African Preschool realities to imagine the cultural shocks immigrants kids go through.

Click on the link bellow to get a copy of the book The Night Before Preschool on for just $3.99.

Hervé Ngaté, Cross-Cultural Psychologist/ Communications Specialist

16 Tips to Get the Best, Save More and Spend Less

16 Tips to Get the Best, Save More and Spend Less

This article is for low and middle class people who wonder why they can’t build a sustainable financial life and how they could come out of the circle of not seing the fruit of their effort.

The 16 following points provide simple financial management tips to get the best, save more and spend less:

-Be needs oriented not fashion oriented
-Don’t shop branding
-Cook by yourself
-Wash your car (s) by yourself
-Discover the secrets of Thrift stores
-Connect to donation centers
-Go to the sources for information
-Shop for Gas
-Drive with purpose
-Go to open spaces (parks) for fun
-Watch movies at home
-Shop online
-Compare owing a Car vs Metro vs Uber
-Compare housing vs renting
-Set automatic payment
-Organize your accounts management

I would be glad to hear what are your secrets to get the bess, save more and spend less.

Hervé Ngaté