Your Weekly Jethro’s Wisdom For Growth

Your Weekly Jethro’s Wisdom For Growth

I am happy once again to introduce the weekly motivational speeches crafted from linkedIn. They are updated  motivations on current world and business challenges.

I called the article “Jethro’s Wisdom” because of the famous story of Moses’ father in law -Called Jethro-who gave Moses an advice that revolutionized his leadership and management skills and made him more effective and efficient for God.

As I told you in the first article of this serie, the Bible is my primary source of inspiration for every aspect of my life and I thought it could be nice to name this motivational serie after Jethro’s advice to Moses.

Jethro’s wisdom is just a methaphoric image meaning that, in business and professional life, we need the advices of others to reach our full potential even if they don’t necessary have the same beliefs as us.

So let’s dive deep into the next seven declarations from professionals that could trigger your goals:

1.“Wherever companies and individuals are committed to swift action in the service of their core values, they can find new customers and opportunities.”(The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America president & CEO Deanna Mulligan)

2. “Don’t worry unduly about showing nerves: they prove you really want the job. A little dash of self-deprecating humour can help relax the mood.
” ( Hamilton Bradshaw CEO James Caan)

3. “If you lead a life of consequences, you’ll accept a lot of nonsense that comes your way. But if you live a life of convictions, you will always exercise the right to speak up.” (Prabir Jha, President & Global Chief People Officer, Cipla)

4. “It’s easy, especially as a first-time founder, to try to overcompensate for areas of insecurity or doubt, but I’ve found a strategy that works better than trying to be someone who I’m not—admitting where I don’t have expertise, and also, where I do.” (Jebbit CEO Tom Coburn notes)

5. “There’s something wonderfully freeing about realizing the world can and will keep turning without you. Completely stepping away from work for a time gives us the gift of perspective.” ( Executive coach Elizabeth Grace Saunders writes)

6. “You need responses that are punchy, crisp, compelling, and to the point. One-word answers are a disaster, but so is a filibuster. Keep it conversational. You can always elaborate when the interviewer asks a follow-up question.” ( Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison)

7. “The phrase “brain food” is real and powerful, and we find it when we take on new challenges in our jobs, read up on an area of interest, listen to a podcast, or tackle something that forces us to think in a different way.” ( Robbie Bach,Consultant)

I really liked the fith motivation because I understood in a new way the importance of holidays to have a refreshing vision of the future.

Which one of the above motivation was interesting to you? I would be glad to hear from you.

Hervé Ngaté. Author/Writer/ Cross-Cultural Psychologist and Communications Trainer

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