Your Weekly Jethro’s Motivation Against Professional Fears

Your Weekly Jethro’s Motivation Against Professional Fears

One of my greatest fear was to stand in front of a public to deliver a speech. I preferred small groups for conversation or training where I felt more comfortable with interactions.

But I learnt to overcome such a fear during  15 years as a youth leader in Cameroon because I had no choice but to stand in front of them to provide leadership. During those years, I understood through the hard way that fear is a common emotion when you face the unknown but that it could be overcome when clear communication goals (without neglecting prayer) are sets before stepping in public.

Today I feel more comfortable moving from small to large groups of people for any type of communication.

Starting a new job, a new family, a new business, a new relationship, moving into a new environment are situations that could easily become stressing if we allow fear to control us.

As a professional, setting clear goals before moving into the next step of your life will help you have a better picture of the best you could do to succeed out of your comfort zone.

The following motivation speeches may contribute in giving you some ideas on how to set goals for your family, your career, your business or your community group. Read, reflect and act…

1. “Making a list of priorities to do for each day is what I observed my mother doing for years.” (Hervé Ngaté, Author)

2. “Use the momentum you get after a success … to catapult you forward. You become incredibly vulnerable when you let the success diminish your attention to detail or cloud your judgment.” ( Bernard Marr, Author)

3. “I’m adamant about not bringing my phone to the dinner table. I’ve also been known to bring out a festive red basket during holiday get together and ask everyone to deposit their phones.” ( Willow Bay, USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism Dean)

4. “One of my most emphatic messages is that getting the same pleasure from saving as you do from spending will put you on the road to wealth.” ( Suze Orman,TV host and author )

5. “I never thought I would become a startup founder, because I didn’t see any other young, van-living, birkenstock-wearing women doing that.” ( Zoe Condliffe, CEO and founder of  “She’s A Crowd”)

6. “Unless we diversify the voices and the people that get an opportunity to become entrepreneurs, we’re never going to have ideas that really address the full demographics of the country.” ?( Jennifer Hyman,  Rent the Runway CEO)

7. “Leadership is not for everyone, nor I would argue, should it be for anyone forever. So, it’s important that we, as human leaders, periodically step back and test how truly open and flexible our our minds are.”( Sally Blount)

The first motivation remembered me that I use to see my mother have a “To Do List” to make sure she will achieve her daily goals. That image remained in my mind until I discovered in my readings that it’s one of the keys for success in every area of life.

And I invest a planning time everyday on my “To Do List” and I am happy at the end of the day to realize that I accomplished my daily goals.

I would be happy to know which of these motivation speeches helped you improve on your professional skills.

Hervé Ngaté. Author/Writer/ Cross-Cultural Psychologist and Communications Trainer

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