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Your Jethro Motivation To Share Your Story

Your Jethro Motivation To Share Your Story

Some months ago, I was discussing with someone and we were wondering why successful people enjoy sharing their stories on how they succeeded. Why would someone tell me with such honesty what he/she did to become successful now?

Isn’t he/she afraid that those listening to their story could become more successful than them?

We came to the conclusion that whatever successful is written about someone, if you want to succeed, you will have to act by yourself. Their stories are inspirations to motivate others to take the necessary actions to get out of mediocrity and make a difference that will do good to others.

The question we then asked ourselves was the confusion about the concept of success. Actually my friend told me he was watching a TV program and the following question was asked to a young man who made millions of dollars very quickly: “How did you do to become successful?”

Right there in front of the TV, my friends said he shouted: “Is it that being successful? Making millions of dollars the fastest way possible?”

Now you see where I am bringing you? Successful people who share their stories are not always talking about the biggest house, bank account or the most expensive car brand or the last time they had a lunch in a famous restaurant.

Most of these people will tell you that success started when they had not that much money. Their success started when they settled goals, and started achieving them on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Maybe the day we heard about what we know now as their success is the climax of 10, 20 or even 30 years of achieving small goals each and everyday.

And you could be shocked to discover that one of their secret to keep moving forward is that they narrated their stories while moving forward step by step. The good and bad days, the ups and downs on their goal centered journey has been part of their success stories.

It could be excellent to really Read, Reflect and Act on the following motivation speeches. If they trigger you to settle goals and work hard to see them become reality, you can start sharing your story.

Somebody out there need to hear your story of how you are growing…

1.“Being complementary, amplifying public decisions using our own instruments, playing on our strengths: that’s how states, companies, citizens, will tackle today’s challenges, together.”( Thomas Buberl, AXA Group CEO)

2.”What  happens if actually just turn your phone off? Try setting a time of a 20 minutes and say whatever I am doing I am not going to stop for the next 20 minutes. You’ll be surprised  how your brains start to fire and your  deep thinking comes out and you’ll find solutions you never thought are possible.You’ll be surprised how much you get done” (Dr Lynn Gribble, Goalcast Speaker)

3. “Without commitment you’ll never start but more importantly without consistency you’ll never finish.” (Denzel Washington,  Actor, director; producer)

4. “It’s time to embrace new ways of working and new ownership models. We must treat data as assets we trade and monetize.” (Martina Koederitz, IBM’s)

5. “Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do will rise.” (Michael Jordan, former professional basketball player,  entrepreneur, majority owner of the Charlotte Hornets)

6. “For any organization, equitable, inclusive leadership is essential.”(Ruth Williams Brinkley, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals of the Northwest President)

7.  “Live in the moment, now, and enjoy that you are doing something that you love. Work for passion, and profits.” (Melanie Eusebe, entrepreneur and co-founder of the British Black Business Awards)

8. “The countries where home cooking is still healthy, that tradition, that practice , have lower rates of obesity” ( Michael Pollan,  American author, journalist, activist, Lewis K. Chan Arts Lecturer and Professor of Practice of Non-Fiction at Harvard University, professor of journalism at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.)

9.  “True, the digital transformation challenges our tried-and-tested notions, but it also promises an infinite number of new opportunities.” (Tine Mueller, Douglas Group CE)

10.  “For most people, being part of a great community on a shared mission is even more rewarding than money.” (Ray Dalio, Bridgewater)

Could you tell me which of the above motivation speech helped you develop a plan to become a storyteller?

For me, I understood from the third speech that consistency is what I need now to keep writing a motivation article every week for the coming years.

I am grateful to God for the commitment that made me start the journey as a blogger on January 2016 and publish my first book the same year in French and now available in English.

I can’y wait to hear your story!

Hervé Ngaté. Author/Writer/

Your Jethro Motivation For A Grateful Heart

Your Jethro Motivation For A Grateful Heart

I will never forget this amazing statement I heard last year from a senior pastor giving us advice on one of the keys to be successful in life: “Make sure you give thanks to God for 3 things everyday.”

Around six month later, as I was going through a tough time in my career, I remembered those declarations and started a 50 days thanksgiving diet. What an amazing experience! I noticed that, the situation did not really changed, but I started delighting in every single moment of my time, seeing the best side of what was going on.

This is almost a year I went through that wonderful experience and I still maintain the habit of being grateful to God in times of misunderstanding, trials, difficulties and challenges.

As professionals, there are numerous reasons to be stressed, discouraged and tired because of the pressure at work. A secret to overcome such challenges and remain at the top of your productivity while demonstrating creativity and innovation is to thank God for what is happening, involving everybody in the situation.

Today, I would like us to Read, Reflect and be grateful for the motivation speech that would grow us in our family, career, business or community activities.

1. “If we are to offer relevant, innovative products and experiences for our customers, our employees must reflect the diversity of those who use them.” (Scott Wagner, GoDaddy CEO)

2. “Since our businesses and places of employment take up most of our waking hours, should not those businesses become the centers of compassion in our country and in our communities?” (Ray Chambers, chairman of the MCJ Amelior Foundation)

3. “We talk about a ‘bucket list’ as if it is a one day, someday, maybe thing. But today is the day to reflect on the list and book it in with the people who are most important to you.”(Naomi Simson, Big Red Group founder and entrepreneur)

4.  “The brilliant thing about moving around is that you become very adaptable, you see different styles of leadership, and also different ways of being a boss.” (Farrah Storr, editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan UK)

5. “A more lasting gratitude comes not from what we’ve received, but from what we’ve contributed to others through the bearing of burdens, through listening and through kindness.” (Joel Peterson, JetBlue Chair)

6.“Too many leaders get their information catered — picked, prepared, and plated for them in the way they’ve already indicated they’ll find palatable. To fight back, they need to get out into the field, gathering raw stuff on their own.” (Hal Gregersen, MIT Leadership Center)

7. “After 50 days of gratefulness to God for everybody and everything, I started seeing the better side of life again.” (Hervé Ngaté, Author/Writer)

I would be glad to know which one of the above declaration helped you see an opportunity to be grateful to God.

Hervé Ngaté. Author/Writer/ Cross-Cultural Psychologist and Communications Trainer

Your Weekly Jethro Motivation for Better Delegation 

Your Weekly Jethro Motivation for Better Delegation 

When I started online writing in January 2016,I quickly noticed that I could not make it alone in the publishing process if I don’t work with people who could support me in the dissemination, the proofing and the feedback of my articles.

I also noticed that I became more productive on writing when someone else was involved on other area of publishing like proofing, editing the website or sharing on Facebook. It actually gave me more time to frame quality contents for my readers.

According to Bryan Tracy, delegation depends on 9 simple principles:

  1. Focusing on High-Value Activities. Devoting the maximum of your time on activities that have the biggest positive impact in your life, family, career and business.
  2. Invest on what you do best and delegate other aspects. This simply means that what you do the best is the area you will have more impact. Other area where you are average must be delegated to people who are smarter or more talented than you.
  3. Delegate to someone with experience. As you think of giving a task to someone in your team, make sure the person have demonstrated the necessary skills for a sustainable period of time in the area of responsibility.
  4. The clarity of the task. The clearer the task is, the better the person to whom it is delegated will perform at his/her best.
  5. The Power of setting a deadline. Completion hours, days, dates, weeks, months, etc. are very important if you expect a sense of urgency in the task to be done. Without deadlines, the probability the job will be well done is vague.
  6. The importance of resources. What type of materials are necessary to realize the task? The answer to this question will determine what sort of resources the person you are delegating the task might need.
  7. Consequences. What if the job is not done the way it’s suppose to be on the time it’s suppose to be? An open discussion with the person you are giving the responsibility of the job will help settle the motivation needed for the task.
  8. Write down the process and sign with agreement. This guarantee that both of you understand what you are up to and also, written down document gives more value to the job to be done.
  9. The need for inspection. Do not forget to follow up the task delegated. Set up a periodicity on which you are going to make sure your expectation are being met the way you agreed upon.

As you are going through these speeches today, I would like you not only to practice the most relevant one to grow your life, career, family, job or business but also to think on how it may help you delegate some responsibilities to people around you so that you can focus on the top 3 priorities of your life.

Don’t forget to Read, Reflect and Act.

1.”Dreams without goals are just dreams and they ultimately fuel disappointment.”(Denzel Hayes Washington, Actor, Director, and Producer)

2.“It’s time to rediscover the joy that comes with knowledge of the world, and your unique place in it.”( Mark Little, Journalist and Kinzen co-founder and CEO)

3.“Sameness ultimately leads to ignorance, while diversity of thought breeds innovation.”(Darryl White , BMO Financial Group’s CEO)

4.“In order to bring forth the deepest treasures within you have to have the courage to stand apart from all those who want you to ‘fit in,’ ‘conform,’ ‘behave.” (Judith Sherven, clinical psychologist and executive coach)

5.“To be inventive, to make a difference in the world, an entrepreneur needs a support network that will embrace and explore crazy ideas.” (Peter Diamandis, XPRIZE Foundation chairman and CEO)

6.”What we believe and what we think is of zero consequence if we do nothing about it.” ( Hervé Ngaté, Author, Writer)

7.”I realize I could not grow with people who are struggling like me.” (Answered  Lisa Nichols to the question “how did you move from the bottom to the top”, Founder of Motivating the Masses and CEO of Motivating the Teen Spirit, LLC )

8.”Between 10-20 years old, learn whatever you can.”(Jackie Chan, Actor, Film director, Producer )

9.”Anybody can dream, but you’ll never see it until you are willing to be committed to it.”(T.D. Jakes, Pastor, Author and Filmmaker)

10.“We [entrepreneurs] are equally responsible for balancing hope and reality, and for knowing when no degree of optimism is going to overcome the underlying challenges.” (Danny Meyer, Shake Shack founder and Union Square Hospitality Group CEO)

I was challenged by the seventh speech as I confirmed that every time I took a step forward in my life, I had to abandon people who were struggling with the same problem like me.

For marriage, I started walking and listening to married people instead of complaining about the problems of being singles with other bachelors.

For spiritual growth, I started listening and looking for fellowship with people who helped me live by faith in the Bible and stopped listening and hanging around people with condemning sermons and legalistic perspective.

For career and social advancement, I followed models and learned from successful instead of being constantly surrounded with people who were problem-centered instead of solution-oriented.

I would be glad to know which motivational speech helped you being more successful.

Hervé Ngaté. Author/Writer/ Cross-Cultural Psychologist and Communications Trainer

Your Weekly Jethro’s Motivation For Mastering

Your Weekly Jethro’s Motivation For Mastering

“If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master something, teach it.” – Yogi Bhajan

1. “It might be attending a vigil or writing a personal letter of support, whatever we do, it’s showing up for each other that matters.” (Jennifer Dulski)

2.  “The way to truly level the playing field is to do our best to teach, mentor and guide all the young people in our lives to make the most of their financial capabilities.” (Charles Schwab’s Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz)

3.  “Whether interacting with their biggest clients or servers taking their drink orders, genuine people are unfailingly polite and respectful.” ( Dr. Travis Bradberry)

4. “Your pivot could allow you to stay with your current employer and simply move to a different part of the organization. Once you learn the skills of pivoting you can use them again and again as you need them.” ( Karen Schmidt, career coach )

5. “Employers today need the courage to start conversations with employees about the implications of automation, so we can help them envision and plan for future career opportunities.” ( Pierre Nanterme, Accenture chairman and CEO)

6. “The world will change when our women and children are educated.” (Maggie Doyne, Blinknow Founder)

7. ” Every smart learner knows he always remembered a 100% of what he explained to others.”( Hervé Ngaté, Author)

I now understand why the smartest people in the world always find a way to teach, motivate and train others on area they are still growing : They are becoming masters of their domain.

Among the above motivation speeches, which one inspired you to teach someone or a group of people on how to be better in their field?

Hervé Ngaté. Author/Writer/ Cross-Cultural Psychologist and Communications Trainer


Your Weekly Jethro’s Motivation to Help Others

Your Weekly Jethro’s Motivation to Help Others

As I was leading the youths in Cameroon, I sometimes wish I had a book that provide a guideline to support them in the various aspect of their lives.

That’s what motivated me to write the book ” The secrets of distinction” as I was convinced deep inside of me that the principles I developed will contribute to the greatness of millions of youths around the world.

I discovered many years after I drafted the book and finally published it at the end of last year that, helping others could take different forms from saying “Good morning” to a lonely person to writing quality contents with proven advice that could revolutionize other’s life.

That’s why I keep crafting these contents ( with some personal inputs) from the most professional social network resource in the world and I hope you really benefit from them while applying the R-R-A process : Read-Reflect-Act.

1.“You’ll be off to a good start if you focus on enhancing your internal resume, protecting empty time, redefining your relationship with your life partner, engaging with a new cohort, and choosing a primary focus or a portfolio of activities. You’ll discover that you’re relevant in new and surprising ways.”(Peter Bloom, chairman )

2. “Good leaders know that in developing others the focus should be on the one you’re helping… how often do we find ourselves being more preoccupied with our own wisdom, rather than the person who sought out that wisdom.” (Sanyin Siang, Leadership Coach)

3. “It’s equally important to invest in talent, which means strengthening STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education.” (Mike Roman, 3M Chief Executive )

4.  “What they (Customers) do, what they like, dislike, their thoughts, behaviors, hopes and dreams. What makes them unique.” ( Ankit Gupta, Entrepreneur )

5. “An increasing number of companies attach great importance to their purpose, and studies have shown that purpose-driven companies are more successful.” (Tina Mueller, Group CEO of Douglas)

6. “If we are going to gather more data about our collective lives, we will also need to muster more compassion. You must use honesty to help other people, not to hurt them.” (Bruce Kasanoff, Writer)

7. ” It’s amazing how people look different when we start looking at them in terms of what we could contribute to help them succeed and not what we could take from them.” (Hervé Ngaté, Author,Writer)

Among the above motivation speeches, which one could help you become an expert in supporting others to succeed?

Hervé Ngaté. Author/Writer/ Cross-Cultural Psychologist and Communications Trainer