Your Jethro Motivation For A Grateful Heart

Your Jethro Motivation For A Grateful Heart

I will never forget this amazing statement I heard last year from a senior pastor giving us advice on one of the keys to be successful in life: “Make sure you give thanks to God for 3 things everyday.”

Around six month later, as I was going through a tough time in my career, I remembered those declarations and started a 50 days thanksgiving diet. What an amazing experience! I noticed that, the situation did not really changed, but I started delighting in every single moment of my time, seeing the best side of what was going on.

This is almost a year I went through that wonderful experience and I still maintain the habit of being grateful to God in times of misunderstanding, trials, difficulties and challenges.

As professionals, there are numerous reasons to be stressed, discouraged and tired because of the pressure at work. A secret to overcome such challenges and remain at the top of your productivity while demonstrating creativity and innovation is to thank God for what is happening, involving everybody in the situation.

Today, I would like us to Read, Reflect and be grateful for the motivation speech that would grow us in our family, career, business or community activities.

1. “If we are to offer relevant, innovative products and experiences for our customers, our employees must reflect the diversity of those who use them.” (Scott Wagner, GoDaddy CEO)

2. “Since our businesses and places of employment take up most of our waking hours, should not those businesses become the centers of compassion in our country and in our communities?” (Ray Chambers, chairman of the MCJ Amelior Foundation)

3. “We talk about a ‘bucket list’ as if it is a one day, someday, maybe thing. But today is the day to reflect on the list and book it in with the people who are most important to you.”(Naomi Simson, Big Red Group founder and entrepreneur)

4.  “The brilliant thing about moving around is that you become very adaptable, you see different styles of leadership, and also different ways of being a boss.” (Farrah Storr, editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan UK)

5. “A more lasting gratitude comes not from what we’ve received, but from what we’ve contributed to others through the bearing of burdens, through listening and through kindness.” (Joel Peterson, JetBlue Chair)

6.“Too many leaders get their information catered — picked, prepared, and plated for them in the way they’ve already indicated they’ll find palatable. To fight back, they need to get out into the field, gathering raw stuff on their own.” (Hal Gregersen, MIT Leadership Center)

7. “After 50 days of gratefulness to God for everybody and everything, I started seeing the better side of life again.” (Hervé Ngaté, Author/Writer)

I would be glad to know which one of the above declaration helped you see an opportunity to be grateful to God.

Hervé Ngaté. Author/Writer/ Cross-Cultural Psychologist and Communications Trainer

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