Your Jethro Motivation to Reach Your Goals in 2019-2

Your Jethro Motivation to Reach Your Goals in 2019-2

One of the greatest lesson I learned in 2018 is the 80/20 rule. It’s quite amazing to discover that 80% of what I am productive at came from 20% of my investment in time, money and relationship.

I encourage you to focus everyday on those 20% of actions that will determine 80% your value and your success in 2019.

As you read these last motivational speech for this year 2018, don’t forget to reflect on each one of them to take the necessary actions that will impact 80% of your success next year.

1.“Taking control of your own growth means taking control of your own feedback.” ( Cameron Elliot, performance coach)

2. “Even as today’s economy becomes ever-more digitally connected, the highly skilled workers fueling its growth will continue to be in demand.”( David Hunt,CEO of PGIM )

3. “Powerful, truthful storytelling combined with frictionless experiences are imperative to positively influencing the awareness, affinity and action of the people who matter most to businesses.” (Don Scales, Community Voice, Forbes Agency Council)

4. “I’ve just seen a fabulous business, run by two amazing, energetic, committed women, go to the wall because they ran up too many debts before the cash came in. I believe the term is overtrading. Don’t do it.” (Lisa Unwin, founder of She’s Back.)

5.  “Your chance of success has little to do with your age. It’s shaped by your willingness to try repeatedly for a breakthrough. Success ebbs and flows over a lifetime, building sudden momentum and crashing over us, only to start all over again.” ( Albert-László Barabási)

6. “Entrepreneurship is natural and normal for most people. You have within you, right now, the talents and abilities that you need to start and build a successful business, to take complete control over your life, and achieve financial freedom. You just need to learn how.” (Brian Tracy, author, speaker, entrepreneur, success expert)

For me, my 20% includes having a devotional time in the morning reading the Bible and praying, then a quality conversation with my family.

I noticed that when these 2 aspects are at their optimum, my days look like heaven on earth and I could accomplish several acts of distinction.

I would be glad to hear about the 20% that fuels your daily success.

Hervé Ngaté. Author/Writer

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