Your Jethro Motivation To Leverage The Power of TV

Your Jethro Motivation To Leverage The Power of TV

 Almost 2 weeks that the year 2019 started, I was very shocked to discover that american adults spend more than 11 hours per day watching, reading, listening to or simply interacting with media, among which 5 hours are spent a day in front of the TV according to Market Watch who published these results in August 2017.

I was first perturbed at the idea that so much time could be consumed om media without counting the time of sleep which could be counted between 6-8 hours a day. What could someone do with 7-5 hours a day if not working on a job or going to school.

I realize that with so much time in front of the screen, there might be no more time left for social interaction, family conversation, playing with kids or investing on a business.

As devastating as such a news could be, I saw in it but an opportunity for growth. What if I invest the 5 hours in front of the TV (and/or any media) for educational purposes?

It has been demonstrated that if you read an hour a day, after 3 years, you’ll become an expert in your area of expertise. And if you invest 5 hours a week in acquiring new knowledge, you’ll become one of the national expert in your field.

This opens the door for tremendous opportunities to grow oneself by taping into the power of Television or any other media.

Could you imagine spending 5 hours learning a day? You’ll learn 5 times faster in a day than the above one hour a day reader or learner.

This puts you on the super high standard of being an expert or one of the national expert in 7 months!!

I was amazed by the learning potential behind our screens and media: On my phone, learning; On my TV, learning; On the computer, learning, on the tablet, learning, etc…

And the learning activities may include understanding how to build powerful social network. It still gives us enough time to socialize and interact with others since what you learn consistently finally become part of your actions.

One of the way I use to learn everyday through media is to invest time learning about my field on every media platform. And when I switch on the TV, the goal is to learn something new from a documentary, the country or countries. Even watching a movie on real life story could be a very rewarding experience when you are in the learning mode.

Everything seems to become alive around you and life teaches you something new as you develop an attitude of taping into the power of media and specifically of the TV.

Some of my articles where inspired while driving, playing with my kid, having a conversation with my wife, training others, watching a movie, learning on a media platform like LinkedIn or YouTube, and even just walking on the streets and observing what is going on around me.

The weekly motivations for a successful career that I share with you are all part of my learning curriculum. You are very blessed to have them compile in for you so that you could choose which one may help you the best to reach you daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals.

Don’t forget that the learning process invites you to Read, Reflect and Act on the new knowledge. So enjoy the following motivational declarations that could boost your career and your business.

1. “I have found ‘past year reviews’ more informed, valuable, and actionable than half-blindly looking forward with broad resolutions.”( Tim Ferriss, author)

2. “Thoughtful disagreement—the process of having a quality back-and-forth in an open-minded and assertive way so as to see things through each other’s eyes—is powerful, because it helps both parties see things they’ve been blind to.” ( Ray Dalio, Bridgewater Associates)

3. “When we take on challenges that align with our abilities and interests, we feel more fulfilled and engaged by our work.” (Daniel Goleman)

4.  “When we apologize we have to take ownership of our actions and as such, the ‘if’ word simply has no place.” (Steve Knight, The Art of Comms app’s )

5. “The challenge that we’re facing isn’t the technology, the technology is there, it’s changing standards of practice and ways of working it. It all comes down to culture.” ( Dr. Andrew Plump, Takeda’s chief medical and scientific officer)

6. “I never set out to conquer everything in a day, week or month. Instead, I make a commitment to myself that I will make progress towards my end-goal each day—no matter how small.” ( Dawn Strobel, Go By Truck Inc co-founder and president)

7. ” If you watch TV for 5 hours everyday, after a year you’ll spend 2 and half month in front of the screen. After 10 years you’ll have spent 2 years and 1 month in front of a screen.” (Hervé Ngaté, Author, Writer)

I would be glad to know which one of the above motivational speech challenged you to develop a learning mind by taping into the power of media?

Hervé Ngaté, Author, Writer

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