Your Jethro Motivation To The Pathway Of Excellence

Your Jethro Motivation To The Pathway Of Excellence

Excellence! A word that could raise thousands dissertations to demonstrate its need in our actual generation.

We find the word since past generations but it seems the 21st century is the one where it’s mostly used. In politic, education, health, family, corporate, Non-for-profit, churches and community development projects, the word excellence is brandished with such an ease that we take it for granted.

But what is excellence?

I was inspired the first time about excellence by Charles Swindoll in his book “Living Beyond Mediocricy, A Commitment to Excellence” and I found that his following declaration summarizes his thoughts on the subject:

“If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters.Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.”

― Charles R. Swindoll

I could put it in this way: Excellence is the attitude that seek to accomplish big things by starting with good practices in little things.

Well, the idea of starting with little things and invest the best to make it successful does not satisfies everyone. Simply because it could take weeks, months and years to see the fruits of building good quality habits that will lead to excellence.

In a generation of fast “everything” and instantaneous “everything”, very few have the long term vision of setting excellence not only for themselves but also for future generations.

This is maybe why recent studies demonstrates that only 180 millions out of 7 billions people in the world have goals on which they work for their achievements.

Statistically it means that the whole propaganda about seeking excellence is still for marketing, branding and selling. Very few are really preoccupied by working towards such excellence.

A very simple but practical 3 steps to build excellence is to

-Select that one thing you are good at and decide you will invest your best to make it successful. It could be writing, connecting with people, helping others, cooking, whatever you know you as your strengths.

Identify your strengths on which to invest you best, choose a way to develop that one thing by learning on it. The learning process will help you change your mind on misconceptions on your area of expertise.

Learning will also help you discover other people’s experience on the same strengths with their successes, failures, mistakes and how they overcome them.

The goal is to equip you to be successful on little things.

-Persevere in doing what brings you optimum results until that attitude of excellence in the little things you are doing could be transferred to something bigger. Don’t worry about when the time for transfer will come, it might come by the most unexpected way but you’ll be equipped to handle it.

By deciding for example that you will faithfully Read, Reflect and Act on one or many of the following motivational speeches, you are setting the pathway for excellence as a professional and a business person.

I encourage you to make this year 2019 the starting point or the continuity for a life of excellence.

1. “By recognizing people — especially those who have been conditioned to not expect to be recognized — we add a little extra meaning and dignity to their lives. You really aren’t taking yourself away from an important task. You’re just shifting to an equally important task: showing people they matter — especially to you.” ( Jeff Haden, Author )

2. “Invention isn’t ruled by public opinion. While there is no such thing as a crystal ball, many big bets were executed because someone boldly envisioned a different future — one not yet seen by others — and pursued it.” (Jean Case, Case Foundation CEO)

3. “Ask yourself daily – what is the cost of success for you? And are you willing to pay for it with your mental, physical and emotional well-being.” (Dr. Tanvi Gautam, author and women’s leadership coach)

4. “We must own our individual data and be given the transparent choice to monetize or otherwise leverage it. The problem only becomes complex when organizations put profits before ethics.” ( John Chen, BlackBerry CEO and executive chairman)

5. “As important as it is to set goals and plan ahead, being mindful of past successes as well as opportunities for growth is vital.” ( Sally Susman, Pfizer executive vice president )

6. ” Seing that you say something and watching those things become your reality is what puts you in a position to just keep going.” ( Kevin Hart, Comedian, Actor, Business Man)

7. “Nothing can be more rewarding than to know that you were doing things in excellence without knowing. It open doors for unlimited possibilities.” (Hervé Ngaté, Author, Writer, Founder and CEO of Seed4future Corp.)

What is the one motivational speech you will work on to achieve excellence in you family, career, business or community activities?

I would be glad to hear from you.

Hervé Ngaté, Author, Writer, Founder and CEO of Seed4future Corp.

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