Your Jethro Motivation For True Love

Your Jethro Motivation For True Love

Today, millions of people in the world are going to celebrate “love” under the synonyme of Valentines day. I noticed however, that the notion of Valentine day related to “love” differs per cultures.

For French people for example, it’s only in the case of a dating and/or mariage relationship that valentine is defined.

In the Anglo-Saxon world on the other hand, the notion of valentine includes showing acts of love (gifts, serving, appreciations, gratefulness which may cost Americans 20.7 billion according to the National Retail Federation) to everybody in our relationship circle that is valued or respected. It’s not directly related to a sexual connection but to how important are the people around us.

I asked myself, “what could valentine means in relationship to our career, professional or business goals?” In other words, “what does it mean to love a job, business and career?”

I could not find a better expression of love than the one expressed in giving our best to those we are serving. I actually learned it from the Bible by studying the example of Jesus-Christ as God’s gift (John 3:16).

This type of love always bring a great interest to others’ success and a deep and profound desire to provide the best of what they need based on our skills. Our strengths are dedicated to empower others despite their weaknesses and failures.

A clear way to demonstrate that love toward the people you are serving is by growing your knowledge, skills and attitudes through motivational speeches that inspire you to  serve and perform at the top of your potential.

As you Read, Reflect and Act on the following motivational speeches, decide which one you are going to integrate in your personal growth plan in other to become a better leader : For me, that is the real sens of loving your job, business and career.

1. “No matter how well you perform or how much recognition you receive, you won’t achieve your full potential if you can’t be who you are — who you really are — at work, day in and day out.” (Porter Braswell, Jopwell co-founder and CEO )

2. “I’ve been better served by aspiration… When I’ve been aspirational, I’ve focused on whom I might become.” (Katya Andresen, Capital One)

3. “When you learn to say “no,” you free yourself from unnecessary constraints and free up your time and energy for the important things in life.” (Dr Travis Bradberry, Author)

4.  “Spend one hour a week focusing on predictable opportunities to strategize and become more of an opportunity management organization.”( Daniel Burrus, Author)

5. “Being relentless is like water cascading over the edge of a waterfall — consistent, powerful and by design, never ending.” (John Hope Bryant , Operation HOPE CEO)

6. “Goals are great, and a raise or a promotion will feel amazing in the moment. But promotions are usually not the keys to a happily ever after. It’s time to shed the unhealthy habit of glorifying the future to justify a miserable present.” (Liz Fosslien and Mollie West Duffy, authors)

7. “Complete the plan as if it were a jigsaw puzzle, answering the: who, why, what, when and how of your communication.” (Geoff Jaeger, strategic communications consultant)

You can learn more about how to become a better leader by reading my book “The Secrets of Distinction“.

I wrote  and published it with the great passion to see people like you become the best version of who God wants them to be.

Hervé Ngaté, Author, Writer, Founder & CEO/ Seed4future Corporation

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