Month: March 2019

Your Jethro Motivation For The Power of Leverage

Your Jethro Motivation For The Power of Leverage

One of the most amazing discoveries I made at the end of last year is that you don’t need much to accomplish more and increase or grow to reach your dreams.

I could very well remember how my first book was published with a team of 3 people I was in contact with through Skype, WhatsApp and phone conversations. In 3 months the book was published and sold in Cameroon and seven months later, it was available in English in America.

I could do this with this small number of people I knew in Cameroon by applying the power of leverage.

I actually did not know the leverage concept (though I have been practicing it for years) until I read the Book “Turbo Coach” by Brian Tracy. While reading about how leveraging could bring an increase in every aspect of life, I was surprised to know there is a whole study about the concept.

Leveraging is the key tool for the future of sustainable development, innovation and productivity. Today and the future belongs to those who are able to produce more with the little or almost no resources available. Then with the positive outcomes of their work, plan more results until they are overflooded with abundance.

This is the secret for any start-up, business venture, a new career or even new registered student. Those who sit down and complain about what is not accomplished will find themselves following those who do much with fewer resources.

A simple example of leveraging are bellow motivation speeches.

Do you know you could do much more than reading those statements from topmost professionals around the world and actually use of them to develop a thesis, an essay, a video or a training program?

Read, Reflect and do something great with these powerful statements.

1.  “The best way to become a part of a consumer’s life is through honest, consistent interactions.” (Antonella Bonanni)

2. “Continuing to pound your head against a wall does nothing to ensure that you find a way through to the other side.” ( Robbie Bach)

3. “Think it through, and figure out exactly what you want. Then ask for it.” (Melinda Byerley, TimeShare CMO’s)

4. “When you are on a path of fulfillment, it is not selfish. It is so expansive, you want other people to feel the way you do.” ( Todd Rose, Harvard’s)

5. “Start to see the real, tangible value you and your skills bring. This might not be immediately obvious at first glance, but trust me, the impact you’re having is real.”(Alistair Cox, Hays CEO)

6.  “We need to train managers so that they can have really open dialogue…they don’t feel uncomfortable and employees don’t feel uncomfortable having a discussion about it.”( Helen Silver, Allianz Australia)

7.  “I started working for myself to do better work, earn more and work a little less—not more.” ( Kate Collinson, digital marketing coach, and eCommerce specialist)

8. “You always have a choice in how you respond to difficult circumstances. I’ve found that embracing mistakes or change as an opportunity can lead to incredible growth and possibilities. That’s important to remember when the unexpected hits.” ( Lynn Good, Duke Energy)

9. ” Successful people are not those who work more but those who master the art of producing more with less.” (Hervé Ngaté, Author, Writer, Founder & CEO/ Seed4future Corporation)

Could you share with me how you could be more productive by working less?

Hervé Ngaté, Author, Writer, Founder & CEO/ Seed4future Corporation