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Your Jethro Motivational Crafting Diet

Your Jethro Motivational Crafting Diet


When I finished and published my first book on December 2017 , I wanted my readers to see how the 8 principles of distinction changed my life. But I never wrote a novel before since I write more educational and motivational contents.

I was wondering how I could narrate how I applied those principles during 10 years, in other to demonstrate how they could impact every aspect of an individual, family and community going through challenging and depressing times.

After several months of planning the various parts and chapters of the novel, I still did not have any motivation to write until one day, the unexpected fire to write caught me and I started writing, writing, writing… and writing.

95% of the writing was done on my smartphone and after 9 days, yes 9 days, the downloading stopped like a water shutdown from a pipe… After the ninth day, not a single word could come out of my mind!

That was the most fantastic writing experience I have ever had since the 21 days crafting diet.

The first key point of the above experience is about planning

According to Brian Tracy, those who plan their activities save 10 times more than those who do not. This means that the draft who took me 9 days would have taken me 90 days if I did not planned it.

The second key point is that our subconscious mind work for us

The subconscious functions as a wonderful storage of all our desires, passions and emotions. Therefore, the planning stage of a project is already the project for our subconscious.

While you think nothing is happening, the subconscious is actually building underground the material that you will need to work out your planning.

That’s why when you plan or work on something, take a time off the activity and allow your brain to process the information for you.

Give some time between the planning and the implementation stage. That time is necessary for your mind to recall all the hidden information in your memory, your past, your connections, etc…

If you want to train your mind to work for you in the planning process, you could start by using the motivational speeches bellow to plan how to apply them, and take some time off before starting the actions part.

Read, Reflect (Plan) and Act on these motivational declarations and you’ll enjoy amazing results in your life, family, career and community projects.

1.“Some people think they’ve got nothing left to learn. Those people remain stagnant. But other people know they’re never done learning. They’re the ones who get unstuck, thrive and transform continuously throughout their life.” ( Douglas Conant, Campbell Soup CEO )

2. “I believe that we all have a leadership capacity and leadership strength within each of us, and that our leadership strengths will come out at different times.”( Emma Kirkwood, Frontier Leadership Co-founder)

3. “Transparency can be a great tool, but it is not a magical cure for building or restoring trust.” ( Rachel Botsman, Author)

4.“Lets face it, we can’t control our kids forever. At the very least we empower them to make intelligent and hopefully healthy decisions.”( Jason Purkiss, Entrepreneur)

5. “There is no perfect level of attention either at work or at home. All you can do is your best, at any given moment. Let go of the rest.” ( Deborah Knobelman, PhD)

6. “Entrepreneurship is one of the most relevant way to develop a sens of responsability because you realize that  things are working or not depending on your commitment to see your vision accomplished in the life of those you are serving .” ( Hervé Ngaté, Author, Writer, Founder & CEO/ Seed4future Corporation)

If you have a successful story to share to the world, are you ready to invest at least an hour a day to plan what to write for those who will benefit from your experience?

I would be glad to hear from you.

Hervé Ngaté, Author, Writer, Founder & CEO/ Seed4future Corporation

Summer Love!

Summer Love!

The most beautifull season of the year reveals the deepest passion and desire of everybody: LOVE…What if you take time to put words in what you experienced during last summer.

Follow me and sing with me!


Summer love, remember to cover up

OOh Summer Love, you’re burning inside me

Ooh Summer Love, this is the love song of just 3 months


Summer love

You are everywhere everytime,

During jogging , at the beach

And deep in my mind when I close my eyes.


Summer love, remember to cover up

OOh Summer Love, you’re burning inside me

Ooh Summer Love, this is the love song of just 3 months


Summer love,

I saw you during pique-nique,

I am sure it was you in all our laughings

I could hear you louder than everybody.


Summer love, remember to cover up

OOh Summer Love, you’re burning inside me

Ooh Summer Love, this is the love song of just 3 months


Summer love,

I though we will go to the beach

The dreams of thousands of youths and adults,

Just dreams, just dreams…Ooh summer love.


Summer love, remember to cover up

OOh Summer Love, you’re burning inside me

Ooh Summer Love, this is the love song of just 3 months







It’s amazing how life could make us encounter some amazing people! People you never imagine you would see. It’s more amazing how we could drive inspiration from those people.

It’s one of those encounters that made wrote this song lyrics! I could not keep it for me and I am sharing it with you so that you learn how to value every person you meet in your life.

Read these words and try to picture in your mind the beauty of how interesting such experience could be.

1.You came to me like the sunshine morning

Running like an angel.

I can remember the  sweet sound of your voice:

“Are you OK?” that triggered the flamme of passion…


You are the cryptonite of all my fears: You’re my motivation.

You are the cryptonite of all my doubts: without you I can’t move on.

You are the cryptonite of all my pains: with you comes my strenght to move on.


2. Since that day, I couldn’t stop searching your eyes,

In the middle of the noises and the turbulences of the day.

Once I found you, and finally our eyes comes to contact,

I felt that strange energy! Oh I felt it growing!!!


You are the cryptonite of all my fears: You are my motivation.

You are the cryptonite of all my doubts: without you I can’t move on.

You are the cryptonite of all my pains: with you comes my strenght to move on.


3. Competitors or adversities couldn’t replace or change,

This growing flame of passion between us.

Without words, we said everything…

With just one look, all was done.

Oh! I could see your face shining and your heart singing:


I am the cryptonite of all your fears: I am your motivation.

I am the cryptonite of all your doubts: without me you can’t move on.

I am the cryptonite of all your pains: with me comes your strenght to move on.


You are the cryptonite of all my fears: You are my motivation.

You are the cryptonite of all my doubts: without you I can’t move on.

You are the cryptonite of all my pains: with you comes my strenght to move on.


I Want To Go Home!

I Want To Go Home!

If you’ve ever been far away from those you love the more in your life, the words of this song will go deep down into your heart, spirit and soul.


I want to go home,

Darling I want to come back home;

And the best time seems to be now.

I want to go home,

My son I want to run back home;

For the best place for me is to be with you.


I have been away for so long

90 days far away from you…

Each day, each night without you

Seems an eternity


I want to go home,

Darling I want to come back home;

And the best time seems to be now.

I want to go home.

My son I want to run back home;

For the best place for me is to be with you.


All I want and all I need

My desires and my wishes

To see you and hold you tight

Oh how I miss you!


I want to go home,

Darling I want to come back home;

And the best time seems to be now.

I want to go home.

My son I want to run back home;

For the best place for me is to be with you.


What a joy to know that soon

We’ll be all together well

What a joy as a family

Time seems to run so fast.


I am ready to come back home;

Darling, I am flying back home,

For the best time to hold you tight is soon.

I am ready to come home;

My son, Dad is back home

For time to miss you is over…

Hervé-Boris Ngaté


The Power Of Transferable Skills

The Power Of Transferable Skills

I evaluated the impact of 21 months of writing management and I was happy by the increased visibility on social media and concrete relations experiences during that period. I was also excited about the coming challenges on writing skills and how to overcome them successfully.

I took my pen, my blocknote and wrote down all I learned as aas a social media entrepreneur during the past 20 months. As I did it, I came with 20 points that are actually skills developed while blogging.

I noticed that those skills I acquired became part of my habits. I also discovered I could apply them in any other business area. I would like to share with you exactly what I wrote on my note book:

  1. I identified a need
  2. I searched how to meet the need
  3. I created a service/product
  4. I put the product at the disposal of consumers
  5. I asked for feedback
  6. I extended my audience
  7. I fidelized my audience
  8. I managed a team
  9. I managed finances
  10. I managed time
  11. I worked under pressure
  12. I created  and innovated
  13. I grew my knowledge in English
  14. I mastered goal-centered writing
  15. I increased my visibility worldwide through social media
  16. I converted my writing skills into coaching
  17. I converted my writing skills into evangelization
  18. I made new friends of different cultures
  19. I became an independant researcher
  20. I keep writing

Taking a step back and looking clearly at these skills acquired, I felt very encouraged to continue writing because I developed the profile of a social media  and communication, marketing manager, a coach and entrepreneur  with a part-time non paid activity I enjoy doing.

What hapened with me as a blogger is the power of transferable skills. I am learning with this experience that everything in life count. Every experience is valuable and can be usefull in another area of expertise.

I don’t know what you are doing right now that seems meaningless to you but I want to show you how to drive the best skills from it. You could therefore transfer those skills into an area you like or use them to move into another career.

As an experienced goal achiver, I will guide you step by step on how to move to the next enjoyable level in life, your career or your dreams.

What you need to know!

Learn how to put names on the activities . The task is at the base of every goal achieved. Therefore, if you can write down the various tasks you do at your current job, you will have a broaden picture of where you are aiming at.

Simply write down in detail what you do everyday from the time you start working until the moment you leave your workplace. Use action verbs that describe the task you do.

Also include tasks done alone and task done with other colleagues; Make sure you appreciate wether you liked it or not.

You could be doing the job of a manager without knowing and when applying for the next job that requires management competencies, you feel incompetent.

The other thing is that by writing down your daily task, you could also include the various challenges you encounter.

You would be able to answer the questions when did you do the job? where did you do it? how were you doing it? how many people were involved? what challenges did you encounter and how did you solve them? These questions are very regular in any job interview.

Finally, you could go back to your job description and find key words related to your position. After doing that, write down the corresponding actions you are doing now and not what the job description portrayed.

You’ll notice that you are gaining experience far ahead of what is required from you and those new skills could be usefull for your next promotion or job.

Learn from your past experiences. While growing in the job business, you were involved into good or bad experiences. The most important is not how exciting or fun those experiences were but the amount of knowledge , skills and attitude you acquired.

The experential learning cycle (ELC) is one the most powerfull tools that could help you organize your experiences to improve your skills, knowledge and attitudes. It’s an approach based on how you understand your own experiences compared to the results obtained.

This approach maximises your transferable skills outcome if you are a goal-centered person. You must be someone who is used to make a “to-do list” for every single working day. Such a list is your daily bluprint that guide each and every action you’re committed to.

The ELC will help you increase your results as you work on writing down your experiences and what you learn from them.

Again write down the tasks done during each of those life, professional or business activities. Then convert them into skills you can use now in your current job to improve your results or, plan the next career you want to have.

I understand it can be confusing and challenging!

You might not know were and how to start. And you probably think it will take you forever to do it. That’s why I am writing to you to offer you my services to support you achieve your dreams.

If you need coaching or support at any level of this rewarding and gratifying activity, contact me and specify what type of support I can help you with.


Hervé-Boris Ngaté








The 21 Days Crafting Diet: How to Develop and Master Your Writing Habits

The 21 Days Crafting Diet: How to Develop and Master Your Writing Habits

From May 7 to May 28, I did what I could never imagine I would do this year: Writing between 300 and 1000 words every day for 21 days. When I think that writing an article a week seemed almost impossible for me at the beginning of this year, I am happy this writing routine made me write 21 blog posts that could cover four months of publishing. I am glad to share with  you how it happened and how it built confidence in me concerning my writing skills. This article also concludes the series of articles I wrote during that period.

I had no idea it will last 21 days. After the first seven days of writing, I remember what Brian Tracy  said in one of his motivational speech: if you do something for 21 days, it becomes a habit. I told myself, why not trying it; I will write an article every day for the 14 remaining days. I asked myself on what should I write?

I wrote down in my notebook every ideas and article titles that flowed out of my mind. I  also listened to podcasts to find inspiration; I went back into unpublished articles and suddenly, my draft was full of topics to write on.

The best time to write for me was immediately after I woke up. During the day, I could also write but I maximized the first hours of the day on writing something. Most of the time, I finished writing an article within 30 minutes to one hour. I did it without editing or proofreading; just writing. It’s after the 21 days that I edited most of the articles. Some were edited after I wrote every single word the same day and I made sure I rounded up the topic.

Most of the topics were storytelling which made it easy to write because I had a focal point to start with. When I had difficulties to have words, I simply answer the question “what is the real life situation I want to use to illustrate my ideas”. Once I remembered one or many of such situations, I chose the one that reflect the most what I wanted to communicate in my article.

I also wrote depending on my audiences. Who will read me? The answer made me differentiate my contents into four categories: Writing Management, Business and entrepreneurship, organizational and personal development, Cross-cultural management. It was easy to write articles in the same category then move to another one.

I faced two major challenges during this period. The first one was to write most of the articles in English being a French Native; On the 21 articles I wrote, only 4 were written in French. The powerful motivation behind writing in English was that it makes me develop more creative skills. The second challenge was to reach the appropriate number of words for some article; I remember I spent a day on a topic and I could not write more than 300 words. What a frustration! The next day, I had to work on two articles at the same time. The most important was that I succeeded to produce an acceptable length for the article.

I felt very excited with the idea of writing a coming book in 21 days. I told myself: “If I could write 1000 words every day at the pick of my writing performance, what if I invest on writing every day for 21 days? I could write 21000 words for a book every 3 months!”

I learned the importance of a writing plan if I have to do it next time. I am ready to write my first novel in 21 days as soon as I find a spot to invest in. I am now convinced it’s possible to write a blog post every day. I thought it was impossible but, during these 21 days, I acquired the writing habits and management necessary to grow in the writing business.

I was very encouraged by my wife who came back home one day and asked me once how many articles I wrote? Two friends also valued my writings by finding them inspirational. Two LinkedIn professionals were amazed at my effort and courage to write in English as they read one of my blog posts. I considered these appreciations as small rewards that prepare a greater work.

What topics will you write on for the  next 21 days ? Choose the period that fit you , plan what to write and start writing.

Hervé-Boris NGATE

How the Experential Learning Cycle Approach Could Help You Write Solutions Blog Posts

How the Experential Learning Cycle Approach Could Help You Write Solutions Blog Posts

I discovered the Experiential Learning Cycle, also called ELC,  five years ago during a communications trainer workshop. The approach is well known in the education world to help learners and trainers drive objectives results from their experiences. It’s one of the most secure way for autonomous learning where you train others how to learn.

When you are interested in bringing something new in your environment or you dream of solving personal or organizational problems, the ELC could the best method to organize your ideas. When it comes to solutions writing, the ECL is also a tool you can make a good use of. It’s simple and with practice, you master it very easily.

Résultats de recherche d'images pour « the experiential learning cycle »Image credit: Tesol

I noticed that I write easily these last days when I start with a concrete experience I went through. I realised that words flow easily and I find myself writing more than the planned time. This is simply because I am applying the ELC in my writing process. This how it works:

The concrete experience is the activity phase of  the actions done. You did something or participated actively or passively to an event. You took a decision to start a new business, a blog, a personal relationship or anything that requires actions. It’s the beginning of your learning journey. From the action to produce a result, you can develop an incredible amount of knowledge and resources for you and others.

Observation. Here you share what happened. you actually write in detail what you saw , heard, smelt, tasted or touched  and how you felt about it ; You put emotions and sentiment in everything that took place. You could go further and number the people that were present  and describe each one of them with the maximum of precision you can.

Interpretation. At this stage, you realize that your experience produced some results. The most important here is to understand the impact of those results on your goals or purpose. Results are meaningless unless you give interpretation  to them. This step lead you to draw conclusions that form a new paradigm: It’s called generalization. You become a solution provider expert.

Analysis. Now you need to plan how to make maximum use of the new lessons you just created to carry your next action. This action will lead you to better results and will show that you are improving in your skills, knowledge and attitudes.

I started my blog on January 2016. This means I had to produce readable contents  for an audience. I also had to choose my audience.

I felt very excited to start my own social business. And my joy increases when I saw my audience growing. But I felt frustrated that people were not making comment on my blog and I started worrying what was wrong with my contents.

I understood that for people to make comment , I have to add a ” call to action” at the end of my articles.

The coming articles all had “call to actions”. I had some few comment and decided to do it more and more. I realized that I generate more leads when I  include ” call to action” on socio media. LinkedIn for example generates more comments than I could imagine.

Do you see how simple but methodic the ELC could make you write? I summarized each step to facilitate your integration of the ELC. I just generated 144 words content by following the ELC procedure; If I add more informations, I could easily write a 700 words article. This is excellent for new writers who lack words to express their ideas or, for writers in search for a guideline to canalize their inspiration.

Now It’s you turn to create your own content by applying the ELC. Just fill the table below with simple statement corresponding to the ELC approach.

Action Observation Interpretation Analysis

I would like to hear from you to know which writing procedure you use for your blogposts.

Hervé-Boris NGATE


7 Raisons Pour Utiliser Efficacement un Blog Pour Accroître la Visibilité de Votre Entreprise

7 Raisons Pour Utiliser Efficacement un Blog Pour Accroître la Visibilité de Votre Entreprise

Il y’a de cela bientôt 5 ans, l’organisation Seed for the Future fut créee au Cameroun avec pour vision de contribuer au développement local, national et global des enfants et des jeunes filles. 3 années plus tard, la seule trace de cette ONG était les documents officiels signés par le gouvernement. Après ma rencontre avec la fondatrice de l’ONG, je lui ai proposé de mettre sur pieds un projet justifiant ses activités afin de démontrer aux financeurs  son impact.

Le meilleur projet qui se dessinait était la mise sur pieds d’un blog reflétant la vision de l’ONG mais dont le principal objectif serait d’en accroître visibilité: vit le jour en Janvier 2016 et à ce moment, le blog a déjà été visible dans 117 pays sur les 5 continents. Il s’agit principalement d’écrire pour proposer des solutions aux problèmes de développement dans toutes les dimensions. Le blog publie aussi les idées d’autres écrivains Camerounais, Ougandais , Indien et Botswanais.

Un blog est simplement un site web qui vous sert à créer un contact avec les internautes sur les différents réseaux sociaux. C’est un puissant outil de visibilité et de marketing. La création d’un blog ( sur wordpress, blogger/blogpost, canalblog,overblog, blog spirit, tumblr, skyrock, Haut et Fort) est gratuite et vous n’avez rien à payer pour le marketing que vous faite sur les réseaux sociaux.

Voici quelques avantages dont vous bénéficiez en créant un blog de votre entreprise:

1. Bloguer vous donnera la satisfaction d’avoir 77% de trafic de plus et 97% de liens supplémentaires que les autres entreprises qui ne bloguent pas. C’est le secret pour créer de la valeur et de la crédibilité qui attirent votre public idéal.

2. 2,03 milliards de personnes ont un compte actif sur les réseaux sociaux et passent 2-3 heures en ligne par jour. Posséder un blog actif  génère une nouvelle chaîne pour produire du trafic et trouver de nouveaux clients.

3. Les SEO (“Search Engine Optimizer” en anglais et “Optimisateur de Moteur de Recherche” en Francais ) représentent 93% des expériences sur internet. Votre blog est le moyen parfait pour optimiser correctement votre site et vos contenus pour les moteurs de recherche afin que votre entreprise augmente votre classement et ait plus de trafic.

4. La présence consistante sur les réseaux sociaux par votre blog vous fera développer des relations adéquates avec  d’autres blogueurs. Votre entreprise bénéficiera facilement de leur audience et élargira votre influence sur le marché. Avec du temps, vous étendrez votre propre public à partir du leur.

5. Google est un outil parfait pour redéfinir les visiteurs de votre blog. Ainsi, 70% de vos visiteurs se convertiront à votre blog et augmenteront jusqu’à 1046% les recherches de votre marque et de vos produits.

6. En incluant judicieusement des appels à l’action dans vos articles, vous vous démarquerez de 70%  des entreprises qui n’en n’ont pas sur leur page d’accueil. Ces appels à l’action sont de puissants moyens pour connaître les besoins, les désirs et les réactions de vos publics par rapport à vos produits.

7. La prise en compte du point de vue de vos consommateurs vous permettra de construire des preuves sociales pour augmenter votre efficacité marketing de 54%. Les interviews sont des méthodes pour recueillir les idées de vos consommateurs afin de booster votre productivité.

Si vous voulez vous lancer dans cette nouvelle révolution de promotion digitale de votre entreprise, contactez nous à

Hervé-Boris NGATE

2 Tips to Write an E-Book from your Blog Posts

2 Tips to Write an E-Book from your Blog Posts

I consider Blogging one of the most ecxiting activity I have ever started. It became more interesting when I discover how to write a blook ( an E-Book) from my blog posts. last year I published 2 e-books from my various content: the first one is on my experience as a communications trainer and the second one is on sustainable development goals.

What a joy to share it with my audience. The happiest part of the story is that I did it less than one year after starting my blog. There are many advantages to publish an e-book from your articles:

The first advantage is the satisfaction you achieved something valuable. An e-book is the numerical version of a book. All books are valuable contents; mostly when those books are writen with the desire to produce a change in the readers. You could now number yourself among book authors and writers. It’s a step in your professional and social promotion.

A consequence of this is that you add a value to your writing skills. Before, you were just creating contents on your favorites trips; or maybe sharing your views to change challenging situations around you. Now you look more like an experts in your area.

The second advantage is that when you write article with the idea of making an ebook, you become more consistent in writing and you develop the habit to go deeper in an area or a topic.

The last advantage is that you make money with your writings. It’s true that you need to put more effort in marketing (sorry for me, I did not have time to do it) to sell your ideas but the price you estimate your content makes you dream of infinite possibilities to make money with your articles.

Now that you know some benefits of moving from blogging to blooking, let me share with you how do you do it. This year, I already published an E-book on social media. I am  not the writer of all the articles but these are 2 simple advices I gave to the writer when I started publishing he’s article on

Choose a domain that you master. Blogging is about sharing your ideas, opinions or expertise on a topic,challenge or a trend. Your readers will feel more confident if your contents are accurate , create values and provides solutions to their needs. They will be more confident in you when they realize you master what you say by adding facts, data and concrete exemple to support your views.

I decided to use storytelling to write my articles. My two e-books are actually a combination of true story driven from my language and communications training or from development issues I observed around me.

Write on the same topic for a  consistent period. One of the first article I read that motivated me to continue writing was writen by Glenn. I found it on twitter and the only thing I remember from the article is “write for the next 10 years”. It sinked into my subconscious and moved me forward day after day; later on I noticed that my e-books were just the fruits of the effort to write consistently.

For nine consecutive months, I thrive to create a content on development  and six months I did the same on language learning. It was not easy  because I had to write simultaneaously on both topics at certain time. The more I wrote, the more I mastered the subjects.

You can use a source like (for English writers) or (for French writers) to create your ebooks. This amazing tool help you create your e-book with the PDF version of your articles or by simply uploading your content directly from your website (provided your blog uses wordpress, blogger/blogpost, canalblog,overblog, blog spirit, tumblr, skyrock, Haut et Fort) or your account on Facebook or Instagram. It takes you less than an hour  to create you e-book!

I would be glad to receive your ebook in my email the coming days. send it to me at

Hervé-Boris NGATE



24  Amazing Authors That Will Inspire your Writings For the Next Five Years

24 Amazing Authors That Will Inspire your Writings For the Next Five Years

This article speaks by itself. Or let me say, this article gives room to 24 authors and writers to share how they found inspiration to write books from their relatives.

Just read it. I found unnecessary to comment on their views to keep it original. I hope this can be a source of creativity for your next content, be it an article or a book. You can learn from these authors and their resourceful comments to craft your next content.

  1. Carrie Aulenbacher. Inspired by my spouse AND my close relative, this was my debut novel:
  2. Julie Anderson. I wrote my latest book, entitled ‘Reconquista’ for my nephew when he was twelve. That was ten years ago, he’s an accountant now. Check it out on my web-site at
  3. Carolyn Howard-Johnson. Almost all my books are inspired by my spouse or close friends. Includes my books of poetry. I have this theory that almost nothing comes purely from the imagination; that everything is rooted in the experience of one kind or another. Http://
  4. Bruce Joffe. http: //
  5. Mel RJ Smith. My memoirs inspired by my old friends and family
  6. Martha Moffett. I wrote, “A Flower Pot Is Not a Hat” when my 2-year-old daughter walked past my desk with a colander on her head. I said, “Take that off, it’s not a hat,” but when I looked again, it was just as hat-like as it was colander-like. The bo…Show more
  7. Cindy Graham. I was inspired by my husband to write – Guide to Traveling with Your Man – Tips, Tricks, Secrets and Helpful Hints. We are actually in London as I write this and will be in Europe for several more months.
  8. Sarah Tun. Inspired by my hubby… written Sept 2012… does that mean he hasn’t inspired me since? Naw… Here ya go:
  9. Ron Lawruk. I wrote the biography For Love and Country, A Canadian Soldier’s Story inspired by my cousin who had to post-traumatic stress disorder after WW2 and me finally (after 40 years)convinced him to tell his story.
  10. Bruce Joffe. Square Peg in a Round Hole: Coming out to each of my ex-wives … my son … my parents … and myself!…Show more
  11. Katharine Trauger. Everything I do is inspired by him, but the topic, here, is more so:
  12. George John. Many of the characters in my novel, “Flying Too Close to the Sun” were inspired by people I knew. Kind of file them in the back of your mind for use when you get down to the writing.
  13. Veronica McKinnon. My then 6 years old son (now 9 years old) inspired me to write this book–Batts.aspx
  14. Constance Vincent. My mother’s fight with Alzheimer’s inspired my book “Not Going Gently: A Psychologist Fights Back against AD for Her Mother. .and Perhaps Herself”:
  15. Marlene Bierworth. I was inspired to write my first book “Dreams With Feet” by my son. As a family, we joined in his dream of winter fun and sport: dogsledding and racing in the circuit.
  16. Frances Laskowski. I was inspired to write Balloon Man, by my daughter who was then 13. We were driving on Route 10 through Louisiana, over a long bridge with swamp on both sides. My daughter who knew I was a big horror movie fan, made the comment: “…Show more
  17. P. J. Mann. I almost feel bad to say that nobody close to me really inspired me to write anything. Is it really bad to have a wild imagination that brings me to many parallel realities to figure out characters and situations?
  18. ZGloria Lintermans. Inspired by my sweet cat, SAM. Sam is a cat without a tail. He is a breed that sports an adorable puff of white fur instead. It is a colorful picture book that is a great conversation starter between kids and parents about diversity and being accepting of everyone’s differences.
  19. Oshua Kimball. Inspired by my mom’s stories of the haunted house that she grew up in.
  20. R. Jay Berry. I have written four books all inspired by relatives. The First Sunday, Sunday’s Best, and Sunday’s Eternal Rose tell my grandmother’s story. My latest book, Forever Love, is inspired by my cousin and the love he had for a woman. All of my books have messages told through the stories. They can be found on my Amazon author page, R. Jay Berry.
  21. Pennie (Arrwyn) Pyle. My mother inspired me to keep writing no matter what my teachers may have said. I started telling stories when I was 4. I’ve written all of my life since. However, my son Michael has helped me write “Max and the Devil’s Daughter” and we are working on “The Criminal Solution” together. My daughter was the inspiration for “Justification” a book about a psychologist taking the law into her own hands.Show less.
  22. Sherrie Miranda. I shared the article on my WordPress blog! It’s a great place to start a discussion! My current (& last & best) husband is a musician. He is my inspiration! I always wanted to be a writer, but he made me believe I could do it! He made me see I could find the time IF I wanted it bad enough!
  23. Janet Garber. Wrote a funny poem inspired by my husband, Shelly, called The Passion of the Shelly. From his point of view. So about me. Or us. No one’s wanted to publish it yet. we think it’s pretty funny though. It’s good to look at yourself sometimes from another person’s point of view.
  24. Jo Carson-Barr. My children’s books The GoodBye Chair and The Chill Out Chair were inspired by my grandson Nicholas.

If you were inspired by these authors, how could you write your first content based on a family story?

Hervé-Boris NGATE