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3 Things Your French Trainer Doesn’t Tell You!

3 Things Your French Trainer Doesn’t Tell You!

Cara entered the French class for her first time! With great excitement and anxiety, she was going to hear French for the first time in her life. And she did not know if she could make it. After the first four hours, she was able to introduce herself, a classmate and name everything in the classroom by answering questions.

She was also capable of asking questions to her classmates to introduce themselves. By the time she realized it, after 20 hours, she could communicate in the present, near future and past tense…

If you enter a French class for the first time and after five sessions of four hours, you know how to introduce yourself, speak about a coming event or narrate what you did yesterday, wouldn’t it be a miracle day?

In order to learn French easily and with concrete results, you have to understand some simple but powerful things about tenses: They are the key points for action in your sentences.

This short article provides you the ingredients that add to what you already know in the French class. So doing, you will master basics in French that stand as the foundation of your learning journey. The secret is to understand the simple rules behind three tenses: The Present Tense, the “Future Proche” and the “Passé Composé”.

1. The Present Tense. Help you communicate for current situation or express on daily habits.
Eg. Je mange une banane or J’écris un livre.

2. The “Future Proche”. Enable you to communicate on the event within 24 hours to one month.
Eg. Je vais manger une banane or Je vais écrire un livre.

3. The “Passé Composé”. Gives you competencies to share your past experiences in term of change, transformation and evolution.

Eg. J’ai mangé une banane et je suis sorti de la cuisine or J’ai écrit un livre et j’ai vendu 5000 copies.

Now it’s your turn!

1. Imagine (In English) any concrete action you would like to do.
2. Select the right verb (In English) for the action.
3. Check the translation of the verb in French; you have the opportunity to know the gender of the words to use while translating.
4. Write your sentence in French: Present, Futur Proche, and Passé Composé.

Take 5 to 15 minutes every day doing this simple 4 steps exercise and you’ll be amazed at your improvement both in French grammar and vocabulary.
You can write a comment on how you are improving with this approach or share what works for you!

Hervé Boris NGATE,Cross-Cultural Psychologist/Communicator/Blogger