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18 Things You learn from Writing Regularly!

18 Things You learn from Writing Regularly!

I trace my writing experience 15 years ago with only 14 months of online presence. It started with short block notes where I could write inspiring quotes or do personal meditations.Then comes the times for academic contents like dissertations ,thesis and articles.

My presence on social networks as a content producer is just the continuation of a hidden activity. I have been doing it  without thinking it could be a source of encouragement, education or development for others.

Here I quickly share with you  some key points I learned from these years of writing.I thought this was the best way to help you understand the importance of writing 0n a regular basis.

  1. Writing is about passion. I enjoy writing!
  2. Writing on topics I master ensure consistency.And what I master comes from daily real life experience.
  3. I am writing for an audience.
  4. The title matters for 80% of a content
  5. I need mentors to activate my full potential as a writer.
  6. I make research on a topic before writing.
  7. My contents are generally between 300 and 700 words.
  8. Three sentences per paragraph makes reading easier.
  9. I better use action verbs to drive my readers into the experience of my contents.
  10. Illustrations by images, examples, facts and data make contents better.
  11. I always have time to write because writing is part of my time planning.
  12. Writing  an hour every day makes me more productive than doing it 4 hours once a week.
  13. The number of likes, comments, followers does not necessarily indicate how successful I am in the writing business.
  14. Writing and reading are twins. The more I read, the better I write.
  15. Mentoring novice writers makes you a better writer.
  16. Editing and publishing become new skills to trigger young business writers.
  17. It’s important when my wife knows on which topic I am writing.
  18. The more I write, the more I am inspired.

I will be happy to know what you learned from your experience of writing regularly.

Hervé-Boris NGATE