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10 Motivational Speeches for Personal and Business Growth

10 Motivational Speeches for Personal and Business Growth

I have the habit of investing 15 minutes to an hour everyday to learn something new that could sharpen my skills, knowledge and attitudes. The Bible is the first source of my inspiration as I always start the day with Bible reading and meditation with prayers.

I also acknowledge what I call ” words of wisdom” concerning secular things because the Bible will not, for example tell you how to brush your teeth or cook a meal or search for a job.

LinkedIn is my best source of secular knowledge, then comes quality books and learning from successful models.

I crafted these 10 motivational speeches that could unleash your full potential and make you a better professional. These 10 declarations are the summary of the most common and challenging situations faced by people and organizations around the world currently.

Don’t just read them, reflect on them and develop an action plan to apply them on you, your business or your job.

1.“Contrary to the Romantic myth of the genius’s need for freedom and the absence of any pressure to produce, experience shows that being subject to a deadline, and even limited resources, can sharpen our invention and creativity.” (President Santiago Iniguez)

2. “Let your mind be open to what is possible. Imagine that things are within reach by just learning and putting one foot in front of the other. Where others see impossible, see work, a path and blue skies.” (Cheddar CEO Jon Steinberg )

3.  “Luck is what catches you off guard, and that can only happen when you give other people a chance to surprise you.” (Karla Starr)

4 . “Being indirect at work is like keeping your feelings bottled up in a relationship. Eventually, they’re going to spill over and poison everything… Let’s talk, I always say, and come up with a solution.” ( BPN CEO Lori Gaffney)

5. “We can’t create time. Or bend time. And until they invent one of those Hermione Granger time-turners we can’t make it run backwards either. But we can change our relationship with it.” ( Ogilvy chief strategy officer Kevin Chesters)

6. “Pay attention. Listen. Communicate. That is the key to making sure your team and clients feel valued and empowered to make the right decisions. Not only will those you lead start to perform at their natural best, but you will too.”( Former Bank of America vice chairman John Thiel)

7. “No good idea grows in a vacuum. If we have a good idea, chances are, it’s built on other existing good ideas. So if we want to see our idea become even better, why don’t we invite others to build on top of it.” (CEO coach Sanyin Siang)

8. “Companies crave individuals that work outside the lines of their job description because they want their organization to succeed. We need more people that identify problems as opportunities to learn and progress, and less of people that notice a problem and finger point to the person in charge because it’s “not their job.” ( Go By Truck co-founder Dawn Strobel)

9. “The idea today that anyone would need to be pitched on why software is a legitimate investment is laughable, but a lot has changed since 1986. It’s time the way we think about the economy does, too.” ( Bill Gates notes in a review of “Capitalism Without Capital”)

10. “When our work feels like a gift to others instead of an obligation, it gives us something to look forward to every day. It inspires us as much as it does the audience we create it for.”( Author and podcast host Srinivasan Rao)

I would like to hear  your words of wisdom to help grow others or organizations.

I would like to know which of these motivational declarations matches the most with your current  personal and professional challenges.

For me, the number 10 was a powerful driving force to decide to keep helping people and groups around the world to become what God made them to be.

Hervé Ngaté, Author/Writer/ Cross-Cultural Psychologist and Communications Trainer

11 Truths Nobody Will Tell You About Success in 2018!

11 Truths Nobody Will Tell You About Success in 2018!

The last two months of 2017 has been very exciting! I don’t know about you but I would to share with you how I found a new perspective of success: Success based on developping a high sense of autonomy

I actually discovered new ways to improve my knowledge on success while searching for a captivationg book to read.

I found a quite simple but amazing book entitled “Make it reality” written by Cris Abrego. What attracted me with the content are the principles of success stated by the author through storytelling.

I summarized it for you but I also added my own input based on my experience and the one of other successfull people I know. I hope this article will help you broaden your view of success.

I also hope this piece could help you become a successfull person next year and the coming years.


How much worth do you value yourself?
This means taking the responsability to take actions on what is possible.
It also means planning on a long term 20 years goals you’ll break into subgoals by:

-Doing everything you see: The first 10 years
-Transfer your skills: 3 years
-Become the expert through what you learned: 5years
-Expand and grow your business: 2 years


What do you see that nobody is seing?
Passion reveals your dream and your dream provide your vision. For the vision to become true, it has to be converted into goals.

True passion is related to  people interests and influences. Passion could become real only when your skills are identified. You should master the area in which you are really excellent at.

-Focus on working hard and give your best to achieve those goals.
-Find examples of people who achieved their dreams and learn from them. Otherwise choose to be mentored.

-Prepare  for what you have to do to make your vision become reality and know your audience.
-Competition will help you pick up yourself when you’ve fallen and push you to work harder to realize your goals.
-Talk about your vision but don’t say it to everybody. The more you declare it the closer you are to it.
-Obstacles like fear of failure/ success, doubts about your skills and potential can be overcome.


How to see beyond challenges and turn them into directions.

Be the best in your current job -do beyond what is expected of you- to gather enough skills that equip you to make your dream become true.

While doing it, you’ll get out of the crowd and get the promotion no one expected. This is where networking and enjoying hard work  are very  important.


How to write goals that translate ideas into realizations.

-Prepare by training like a professional athlete
-Write down your ideas and imagination
-Organize them into plans
-Make them real with skills and knowledge activities


How to be flexible to what your environment offers.

-Identify experts in your fields and learn everything you can from them
-Target excellence
-Learn from everyone
-Good directions is better than speed
-It’ s all about being resourcefull to the needs around you
-The more you grow, the more opportunity you have. So, focus on gathering resources that help you become more knowledgeable and stay focus on your goals.


How to manage time, relations and visibility

-Manage your time by focusing of priorities not emergencies
-Invest in relationships
-Use various channels to increase your visibility
Succeed here by learning from your failures


How to move faster than your competitors : Change the routine and write what work for you.

-Be yourself and develop the power of being original
-Just one person who trust your business and pay you is enough to prosper you.
-Your passion (not your fears) and your Brand is providing the best quality service you promise to do. What do you want to be known for?


How to overcome the fear to succeed/fail.
-Tell the truth: Say things exactly as they are and become authentic.
-Always think of going higher than where you are now.


Where to find powerfull stories?

-I am a storyteller. I can tell my story by putting every details needed to be read.
-Find the story to share that would attract audience.
-You find stories everywhere around you. You just need to pay attention.


Why money should not take over your vision
-Be patient not to take the first money offered in a deal. Always remember your vision.
-Learn how to take risk: accepting or refusing an offer that contradict your vision or lessen your goals


How to tape into your differences to reach your goals

-Know yourself and take a mission that is higher than you. What are the values that defines you not others?
-Work with priorities

Keep moving forward into new territories.

Success cannot be define from one perspective. Your view count. That’s why I would like to know the principles that led you to be the successful person you are now.

Happy New Year 2018!

Hervé-Boris Ngaté